Manitoban 84-year-old grandmother turns up alive after four-day search, asks for a beer and a hot tub

When Mary Byman, 84, went berry-picking in rural Manitoba, she didn’t come back home.
Samuel Helguero Montreal, QC

When Mary Byman, 84, went berry-picking in rural Manitoba, she didn’t come back home, but when she was found, all she wanted was a frosty cold beer and some time in the hot tub, according to CBC. What classic Canadian lady.

The grandmother was believed to be lost in a dense and cutting territory. Her chances of survival were not believed to be likely.

Her granddaughter, Rachel Geurts, was notified, after a four-day search, that police were no longer looking for a wandering Mary, but for a body instead.

The terrain was treacherous, at times swampy, offering an array of unexpected natural traps. The police were using horses, dogs, and ATV’s. For three days, 300 people came to show their support in the search.

“We had drones, we had a helicopter and two planes – they covered so much ground. We just didn’t know what else they could have done,” said Geurts.

The search was soon called off. Yet, as people prepared to abandon the forest, a gunshot was fired into the air.

A cry for help responded—a second shot rang out.

Byman was found in thick bush after 40 minutes. Firefights took two hours to pave a path towards Byman. She told her rescuers that she wanted two things: a beer and a hot tub.

At home, Geurts—still believing her grandmother was lost—received a phone call.

“I saw that my brother was calling, and I wasn’t going to answer, because I was having a hard time dealing with things myself,” described Geurts.

“I answered the phone … and he’s crying, and he just says, ‘she’s alive. They found her and she’s alive.’ I just jumped out of bed and I kind of started screaming.”

Byman is now in a hospital bed recovering. Let’s hope she gets that beer and hot tub action soon!

Samuel Helguero
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