As election day nears, anti-Conservative media bias gets even worse

Instead of calling Trudeau out for his endless lies, the media has reported them as facts, forcing the Conservatives to respond.
Spencer Fernando Winnipeg, MB

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have been spreading misinformation every single day of this election campaign.

They’ve claimed the Conservatives are cutting billions, which is a false claim, since all the Conservatives are doing is reducing the growth of upcoming government spending. As we can all grasp, reducing the growth of spending is not the same as cutting spending. So, the Liberals are lying.

The Liberals have claimed Scheer will re-open the abortion debate, even though he’s repeatedly said he will not, even though Conservative Party policy is to leave the debate closed, and even though the Conservatives didn’t change abortion laws in their 10 years in power under Stephen Harper. So again, the Liberals are lying.

And of course, the Liberals have repeatedly said that Andrew Scheer is somehow a “risk” to the rights of LGBT Canadians, even though official Conservative Party policy supports same-sex marriage, and Scheer has also made clear that he will not make any changes in that regard. So again, the Liberals are lying.

See a pattern here?

The Liberals have based their entire campaign around lies designed to demonize Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives.

Yet, have you seen the media accuse Trudeau of “misinformation”?

Have you watched reporters straight-up call Trudeau’s claims “lies,” “falsehoods,” or “made up”?

Of course not.

Instead of calling Trudeau out for his endless lies, the media has reported them as facts, forcing the Conservatives to spend precious campaign time responding to Trudeau’s repeated spreading of misinformation.

Yet, the second Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives speculated about the potential dangers of a Liberal-NDP coalition, the establishment media jumped all over them and accused them of lying.

Andrew Scheer made the reasonable point that since the Liberals and NDP are promising tens of billions of dollars in spending that isn’t paid for, it’s likely that tax hikes would be used to pay for it. And to get that kind of revenue, a Liberal-NDP coalition would have to raise the GST to 7.5 percent, a massive hike from the current 5 percent.

But, instead of forcing Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh to explain where they’ll get the money, and instead of reporting Scheer’s speculation as facts, the establishment media instead accused Scheer of “lying,” and said his claims were “made up.”

A total double-standard.

What this shows is that the anti-Conservative bias of the establishment media is getting even worse as election day nears. The establishment press is trying to turn the Canadian People against the Conservatives, and is trying to ensure Justin Trudeau stays in power.

It’s a level of manipulation that is profoundly anti-democratic and dangerous to the future of our democracy.

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Spencer Fernando
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