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Andy Ngo

Andy Ngo is the Editor-at-large for The Post Millennial

American News

ANDY NGO REPORTS: Far-left New York riot arrestee was out on bail for domestic terrorism in Atlanta

Atlanta domestic terrorism suspect Teresa Yue Shen, who is out on bond, was arrested at a riot in New York City.

Andy Ngo / May 26, 2023

American News

ANDY NGO REPORTS: Drag queens perform sexually charged Mother’s Day show in front of children in Washington

Footage has emerged of children in attendance at an adult-themed drag show in the Seattle area.

Andy Ngo / May 14, 2023

American News

ANDY NGO REPORTS: Georgia trans person faces more than 50 child sex abuse felonies following arrest at daycare

A trans person suspected of child sex abuse was arrested at an in-home child daycare in Paulding County, Ga.

Andy Ngo / Apr 27, 2023

ANDY NGO REPORTS: Oregon teachers' aide, ‘drag mom’ to child drag queen sentenced to less than 1 year in jail for 11 felony child sex crimes

An Oregon drag queen and former teacher’s aide who helped groom a child into becoming a drag performer was convicted of nearly a dozen felony child sex crimes.

Andy Ngo / Apr 20, 2023

American News

ANDY NGO REPORTS: Exclusive details about ‘disturbing and gruesome’ video capturing murder of Portland taxi driver by trans suspect

“[It was the] most disturbing and gruesome video I have seen.” Andy Ngo has exclusive details about the unreleased taxi video showing a trans suspect brutally murdering a Portland cab driver.

Andy Ngo / Apr 11, 2023

American News

ANDY NGO REPORTS: Trans person arrested over brutal murder of Portland cab driver

The suspect in the Easter Sunday stabbing murder of a Portland cab driver is a trans person with a history of threatening behavior.

Andy Ngo / Apr 10, 2023

American News

ANDY NGO REPORTS: Portland rock-throwing vandal who allegedly took a hostage is identified as leftist protester

A 32-year-old Portland man named David Everding was arrested on April 3 after allegedly using a rock to smash up a downtown business and then later taking a hostage.

Andy Ngo / Apr 5, 2023

American News

ANDY NGO REPORTS: 'Easy to pass out and deploy': Antifa post recipes for eye-blinding 'paint bombs' containing glass, sand

"Anti-trans hate groups are planning to actively show up to to [sic] Pride Events this June. That being said, here's how to make a Paint Balloon."

Andy Ngo / Mar 20, 2023

American News

ANDY NGO REPORTS: SPLC lawyer charged with domestic terrorism over Antifa attack on police facility in Atlanta

23 suspects in Atlanta have been charged with domestic terrorism following a violent ambush attack to try to retake their lost autonomous zone occupation.

Andy Ngo / Mar 6, 2023

American News

Lawyer for accused violent Antifa 'ringleader' asks judge to ban TPM reporter from San Diego trial, claims reporting is 'campaign of harassment'

For safety reasons due to past coverage on gang-related criminal trials, Eva Knott uses a pen name.

Andy Ngo / Feb 27, 2023

American News

ANDY NGO REPORTS: Mugshot of Democrat House Minority Whip's 'daughter' released after arrest for assaulting Boston cop during Antifa event

Dowell allegedly assaulted and bloodied a police officer during an attempt to escape arrest.

Andy Ngo / Feb 22, 2023

American News

EXCLUSIVE ANDY NGO REPORTS: Leaked letter details James O'Keefe's response following indefinite no-pay suspension from Project Veritas

"I asked the board to resign for their conduct-- they did not. So currently, I have no position at PV based on the board's actions."

Andy Ngo / Feb 20, 2023

American News

ANDY NGO REPORTS: Bully who slammed boy at upstate NY school speaks out in interview, says his suspension is racist

The student accused of being the violent bully claims his suspension from school was racially motivated. But another student who knows him says he has a history of violently targeting smaller students.

Andy Ngo / Feb 16, 2023

News Analysis

ANDY NGO REPORTS: Twitter locked my account and removed my screenshots of violent Antifa threats

“Your account has been locked,” reads the notice when I log in. “We have determined that this account violated the Twitter Rules. Specifically for: 1. Violating one of our Rules.” What rule that is is not stated. 

Andy Ngo / Feb 8, 2023

American News

ANDY NGO REPORTS: Seven charged with domestic terrorism following deadly shooting at Atlanta autonomous zone

Clockwise: Sarah Wasilewski, Matthew Ernest Macar, Teresa Yue Shen, Spencer Bernard Liberto, Christopher Reynolds, Geoffrey D. Parson and Timothy A. Murphy are facing charges of domestic terrorism and aggravated assault upon an officer.

Andy Ngo / Jan 19, 2023

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