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Barrett Wilson

Barrett Wilson is a Sr. editor for The Post Millennial

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BREAKING: US Supreme Court rules against NCAA limits on paying student athletes

On Monday, the US Supreme Court ruled against the NCAA's efforts to keep limits on paying student athletes.

Barrett Wilson / Jun 21, 2021

News, American News

WATCH: Fauci says NEXT Mother's Day will be 'close to back to normal' IF 'certain conditions' are met

Dr. Fauci said that possibly, if "certain conditions" are met, Mother's Day 2022 might look close to "normal."

Barrett Wilson / May 9, 2021

Opinion, News Analysis

Nantucket Magazine issues pathetic, grovelling apology to readers triggered by Dave Portnoy cover

"I will continue to do my best to make Nantucket and America a better place while those who hate me can continue to throw cry parties for themselves about how I made a joke they didn’t like 20 years ago."

Barrett Wilson / May 5, 2021

News, American News

BREAKING: Trump BLASTS Biden's $2 TRILLION spending plan in scathing new statement

Former President Donald Trump issued a scathing new statement slamming Joe Biden over his new $2 trillion "radical plan," calling it a "globalist betrayal."

Barrett Wilson / Mar 31, 2021

News, American News

WATCH: Project Veritas brings whistleblowers to the CPAC main stage

Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe spoke to audiences at CPAC on Friday, slamming his detractors in media. "It's about time we go on offense and sue the sh*t out of them."

Barrett Wilson / Feb 28, 2021

News, American News

WATCH: Dan Bongino tells CPAC 'you're the counter-culture revolution right here'

"You're the real renegades now, everyone in this room, you're the misfits, you're the hippies," Bongino said. "If we're gonna go down, we're gonna go down fighting."

Barrett Wilson / Feb 26, 2021

News, American News

Jake Tapper deletes tweet falsely accusing Trump supporters of running Biden staffers off the road

On Saturday morning, CNN's Jake Tapper shared a tweet thread on Saturday that falsely claimed Trump supporters were trying to target Biden supporters with their vehicles in Texas.

Barrett Wilson / Oct 31, 2020

Canadian News, News

BREAKING: Trudeau government to increase immigration levels over next three years

The Trudeau government announced on Friday that they will be increasing immigration levels over the next three years as part of a strategy for economic recovery.

Barrett Wilson / Oct 30, 2020

Opinion, News Analysis

'SWAMP CREATURE': CNN pundit actually tells the truth about Hunter Biden

Before it was forbidden for the establishment media to speak ill of Hunter Biden, CNN's John King actually told the truth about Joe Biden's son, referring to him accurately as a "swamp creature."

Barrett Wilson / Oct 29, 2020

News, American News

Massive human trafficking sting leads to 100 rescued victims, 177 arrests

A total of 50 law enforcement agencies in Ohio teamed up to execute an operation that rescued over 100 human trafficking victims and led to 177 arrests.

Barrett Wilson / Oct 26, 2020

News, American News

BREAKING: Federal law enforcement says Hunter Biden emails are 'authentic'—FBI in possession of laptop

The FBI and DOJ have told a Fox News producer that they do not believe that Hunter Biden's laptop and its contents are part of a Russian disinformation campaign. Further, A federal law enforcement officer revealed to Fox News' Martha McCallum that Biden's emails are "authentic."

Barrett Wilson / Oct 20, 2020

News Analysis

WATCH: Amy Coney Barrett was accused of bigotry for saying 'sexual preference'—Biden said the same thing in May

Footage has surfaced online of Joe Biden recently using the exact same phrasing—"sexual preference"—that Amy Coney Barrett was condemned for during Tuesday's Supreme Court confirmation hearing.

Barrett Wilson / Oct 13, 2020

News Analysis

WATCH: Keith Olbermann says that Amy Coney Barrett, Mike Pence, Bill Barr must be 'removed from society'

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Olbermann said that Amy Coney Barrett, Mike Pence, Sean Hannity, and Bill Barr need to be prosecuted and locked up for life.

Barrett Wilson / Oct 9, 2020

News, American News

Deadline runs story that Vice President Pence has coronavirus, then deletes it

Hollywood News outlet Deadline apologized to readers on Thursday evening after accidentally running a draft of a story that claimed that Vice President Mike Pence had tested positive for coronavirus.

Barrett Wilson / Oct 9, 2020

News, American News

WATCH: Joe Biden says 'You'll know my opinion on court packing when the election is over'

During a press conference in Arizona on Thursday, Joe Biden refused to answer a question on whether or not he will pack the Supreme Court if elected president.

Barrett Wilson / Oct 8, 2020

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