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Barrett Wilson

Barrett Wilson is a Sr. editor for The Post Millennial

American News

Mathematics association declares math is racist

The Mathematical Association of America released a statement Friday claiming that mathematicians should engage in “uncomfortable conversations” about race.

Barrett Wilson / Oct 3, 2020

Politics & Policy

WATCH: Joe Biden calls US troops 'stupid bastards' in 2016

New video has surfaced showing Joe Biden addressing troops at a military base instructing them to "clap for that, you stupid bastards."

Barrett Wilson / Sep 25, 2020

Canadian News, News

BREAKING: Quebec woman who sent poison letter to Trump identified by RCMP

The ricin-laced letter was intercepted by US secret service, with the letter's origins being tracked down to St. Hubert, Quebec.

Barrett Wilson / Sep 21, 2020


Trump trolls Twitter and media with meme of Joe Biden playing 'F*ck tha Police' on his cell phone

This led Twitter to flag it as "manipulated media" and countless mainstream media sources to lose their minds by publishing breathless pieces about Trump and the meme.

Barrett Wilson / Sep 16, 2020

Canadian News, News

BREAKING: Former Liberal MP Raj Grewal charged with breach of trust and fraud by RCMP

Former Liberal MP Raj Grewal has been charged with four counts of breach of trust and one count of fraud over $5,000 by RCMP.

Barrett Wilson / Sep 11, 2020

News, American News, Politics & Policy

BREAKING: Trump looks to defund New York, other 'anarchist cities'

In these cities, negligence by city officials combined with decimated police budgets and lockdown measures has led to lawlessness and riots.

Barrett Wilson / Sep 3, 2020

Canadian News, News

BREAKING: Statue of Virgin Mary decapitated by vandals at Toronto Catholic church

On Sunday morning, a Catholic church in the Parkdale area of Toronto was targeted by vandals who beheaded a statue of the Virgin Mary.

Barrett Wilson / Aug 31, 2020

Canadian News, News, Politics & Policy

Joe Biden accused of plagiarizing late Canadian politician Jack Layton in DNC speech

Left-wing Canadian activists took to social media to claim that Joe Biden's DNC acceptance speech had been plagiarized.

Barrett Wilson / Aug 21, 2020

News, American News

BREAKING: Kamala Harris unfollows Joe Biden on Twitter as VP announcement approaches

Vice-Presidential candidate Kamala Harris has appeared to unfollow Joe Biden on Twitter.

Barrett Wilson / Aug 10, 2020

Canadian News, News, International News

Twitter labels foreign news outlets as 'state-affiliated media' but not CBC

On Thursday, Twitter began labelling "state-affiliated media entities." However, Canada's state broadcaster, CBC, has not been labelled

Barrett Wilson / Aug 6, 2020

News, American News

BREAKING: Twitter bans Trump campaign account; Washington Post erroneously reports Trump's personal account banned

Twitter has barred President Trump's campaign account from tweeting by locking his account until he deletes a tweet that the platform says contains "coronavirus misinformation."

Barrett Wilson / Aug 6, 2020

News, American News

Bodycam footage of George Floyd's arrest released online

British newspaper the Daily Mail has published "leaked" police officers' bodycam videos of George Floyd's arrest and death.

Barrett Wilson / Aug 3, 2020

News, American News

Antifa militant whose grandma bought him riot vest has been charged with arson

Gabriel Agard-Berryhill, 18, has been charged with arson by federal authorities in Portland after he was caught on video launching an explosive device at a courthouse. He was identified thanks to a viral tweet.

Barrett Wilson / Jul 31, 2020

News, American News

BREAKING: James Murdoch leaves News Corp over disagreements regarding 'editorial content'

James Murdoch, brother of Fox News head Lachlan Murdoch, is leaving the network, citing disagreements over editorial content.

Barrett Wilson / Jul 31, 2020

Canadian News, News

BREAKING: Ethics commissioner expands investigation into Trudeau's finance minister

The ethics commissioner confirmed Wednesday evening that he will be expanding the scope of his investigation into Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s possible ethics violations.

Barrett Wilson / Jul 29, 2020

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