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Barrett Wilson

Barrett Wilson is a Sr. editor for The Post Millennial


Do we need a "victims of social justice" memorial website?

A memorial website dedicated to those who lost their lives in the name of social justice might finally bring the attention needed to end the practice of online mobbing.

Barrett Wilson / Feb 6, 2019


Buzzfeed sells YouTube on censorship

People are turning to people like Jordan Peterson, Philip DeFranco, Christina Hoff Sommers, Tim Pool, and Joe Rogan to get their information for a reason.

Barrett Wilson / Jan 30, 2019


Telling laid off journalists to learn to code is apparently “harassment”

Shortly after it was reported that over 1000 people were laid off at Buzzfeed and the Huffington Post, Twitter users expressed their Schadenfreude by tweeting “learn to code” at laid off journalists and their commiserators

Barrett Wilson / Jan 28, 2019


The Gawker reboot faltered because the entire media world has become Gawker

In a lot of ways, it feels like the entire media world has become Gawker in Gawker’s absence, as week after week, new stories emerge that are sourced by and catered to the outrage of readers.

Barrett Wilson / Jan 23, 2019

Opinion, Culture

Now that we are talking about toxic masculinity, we need to talk about the orange man

If the tide is going to turn, then it's time to call out one particularly problematic, big, orange monster who embodies all that is wrong with our culture for men.

Barrett Wilson / Jan 16, 2019


Progressive Portland activists and journalists pressure husband to silence wife

Just when you think that online social justice mobbing can’t get any more incoherent and self-parodying, a story like this comes along in which activists and yellow journalists team up to threaten a man, his business, and his livelihood in an effort to silence his wife. How very progressive.

Barrett Wilson / Jan 11, 2019


Kevin Hart has learned his lesson and it’s not the one you think

After the ridiculous public shaming of Kevin Hart, it appears that The Oscars will have no host this year. And maybe that’s for the best.

Barrett Wilson / Jan 9, 2019

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