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Barrett Wilson

Barrett Wilson is a Sr. editor for The Post Millennial

Canadian News, News

WATCH: Justin Trudeau suggests Canada is not the best country in the world in Canada Day message

The specific unpatriotic phrase indicating that Trudeau does not believe Canada is the best country in the world was even highlighted in the official tweet.

Barrett Wilson / Jul 2, 2020

Canadian News, News

CBC journalist appears to celebrate news that Trudeau's Liberals are in 'majority territory' thanks to pandemic

In a bizarre tweet on Thursday, CBC journalist Rosemary Barton exclaimed "Huzzah!" in response to the news that Trudeau's Liberal Party has surged in polls due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Barrett Wilson / Jun 26, 2020

News, American News

Michigan man charged in brutal, unprovoked assault of Macy's employee

An 18-year-old Michigan man has been charged in a brutal assault in a Flint, Michigan Macy's department store that went viral on Twitter.

Barrett Wilson / Jun 26, 2020

Canadian News, News

Wendy Mesley disciplined by CBC News for using the N-word

CBC News has disciplined news host Wendy Mesley. An internal investigation found that she used offensive language "on two separate occasions during editorial meetings."

Barrett Wilson / Jun 26, 2020

News, American News

Parents of toddlers featured in popular Trump meme plan to sue its creator, Carpe Donktum

The parents of two toddlers featured in a widely popular meme in support of President Trump plan to sue the meme-maker, Carpe Donktum, after the meme was censored by both Facebook and Twitter.

Barrett Wilson / Jun 25, 2020

Canadian News, News

Canadians have received at least $13 MILLION in fines for violating pandemic rules

A brand new study has revealed that Canadians have received over 10,000 tickets worth at least $13 million in total for violations of coronavirus rules in under three months.

Barrett Wilson / Jun 24, 2020

American News, Culture

WATCH: John Oliver mocked Trump in 2017 for suggesting Washington and Jefferson statues would fall

A clip has resurfaced on Twitter of comedian John Oliver mocking President Trump for predicting that the trend of removing statues would lead to the toppling of Washington and Jefferson.

Barrett Wilson / Jun 21, 2020

Canadian News, News

REVEALED: Trudeau's Liberals let MP Tabbara run despite 2015 sexual harassment investigation

It's been revealed that the Trudeau Liberals permitted disgraced MP Marwan Tabbara to run for election in 2019 despite having previously investigated him for sexual harassment.

Barrett Wilson / Jun 19, 2020

Canadian News, News

Ontario patios are opening up, but singing and dancing are forbidden

Ontario is opening up patios across the province. But don't dream of singing or dancing to celebrate. The province says that's forbidden.

Barrett Wilson / Jun 16, 2020

News, American News

WATCH: Jews in New York City cut the lock that the mayor put on their local park

Bill de Blasio sealed the gates of a playground in a Jewish neighbourhood today. This evening, the community came together and sheered those gates apart.

Barrett Wilson / Jun 15, 2020

Canadian News, News

Ontario sees lowest daily number of COVID-19 cases in months as province continues to open up

For the first time in months, Ontario has seen the daily number of cases of COVID-19 drop to under 200.

Barrett Wilson / Jun 12, 2020

Canadian News, News

WATCH: Man at Toronto Black Lives Matter protest calls for removal of Winston Churchill statue

"Let us start a campaign to take down racist monuments like that filthy one right around the corner," the man said.

Barrett Wilson / Jun 10, 2020

Canadian News, News

Black Lives Matter protestors urged to self-isolate and get tested for coronavirus

Organizers of Black Lives Matter protests are urging those who participated to get tested for COVID-19 and to self-isolate for 14 days.

Barrett Wilson / Jun 8, 2020

Canadian News, News

BREAKING: Violence breaks out on Montreal streets at protest over the deaths of George Floyd, Regis Korchinski-Paquet

Violence broke out on Sunday night at a downtown Montreal protest over police brutality and the deaths of George Floyd and Regis Korchinski-Paquet.

Barrett Wilson / Jun 1, 2020

News, American News

WATCH: Semi truck drives into crowd of protestors on Minneapolis highway

Horrifying footage of a semi truck driving into a crowd of protestors in Minneapolis has just surfaced.

Barrett Wilson / May 31, 2020

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