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Samuel Helguero

Canadian News, Business & Finance

'All means necessary': Big employer groups fight longshoremen’s strike for better working conditions

The involved employer associations have long been in touch with the federal government. Their demands have included corporate tax cuts, spending cuts, deregulation, and recently, calls to reopen schools.

Samuel Helguero / Aug 17, 2020

Politics & Policy

EXCLUSIVE: The military ambitions of the 2020 Conservative leadership race

A critical look behind front runner platforms and a policy of military intervention that has cost billions, left thousands dead, and helped sew global instability.

Samuel Helguero / Aug 10, 2020

Politics & Policy

Alberta reforms could mean fewer and weaker unions in UCP bid to 'silence' opposition

The bill coincides with plans by the United Conservative Party to remove limits on third party election spending.

Samuel Helguero / Jul 21, 2020

Politics & Policy

EXCLUSIVE: Into the party line of 2020’s Conservative leadership race

A critical look behind front runner platforms and the economic doctrine that may have cost billions, Canadian lives, jobs, and an energy sector spiraling out of control.

Samuel Helguero / Jul 13, 2020

News, International News, Business & Finance

Worker deaths, government crackdown on dissidents, and criminal investigation surround Canadian mines in Latin America

In Putaendo, a city of Chile, hundreds of police and military personnel, reportedly “armed to the teeth,” flooded its streets to supervise extractive activity. Unlike other regions, Putaendo has no large-scale mines. It has, however, been eyed by a Canadian junior for preliminary exploration.

Samuel Helguero / Jul 3, 2020

Canadian News, News

'Getting at the wound itself': Canadian cities confront surging police funding

The COVID-19 epidemic threw Vancouver into a deficit that demanded cuts to social services. “Everybody else was taking hits” so just before George Floyd was killed, its Councillors supported a one percent cut to the police.

Samuel Helguero / Jun 22, 2020


RCMP officers 'add another level of fear' for workers in their six-month battle to protect their pensions and jobs

Dead rabbits on their doorsteps. Spouses being stalked; their pictures taken in their yards and communities. Bomb threats that police kept secret. Now workers have been getting regular visits from the RCMP.

Samuel Helguero / Jun 12, 2020


There’s been decades of class warfare—Now, the chickens are home to roost

Problems of democracy cannot easily, by their nature, be solved democratically. Instead, times come, as they have in Hong Kong and America, when the tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

Samuel Helguero / Jun 9, 2020

Canadian News, News

The 'revolving door' between Ontario's PCs and the for-profit seniors care industry worst hit by coronavirus

Conservative politicians and insiders routinely turn from the party and government payroll to cashing in on for-profit long-term care. Likewise, the for-profit lobby has given at least $340,477 in political donations to the Ontario PCs since 2007.

Samuel Helguero / Jun 3, 2020

Canadian News

EXCLUSIVE: Children traumatized in Canadian detention centres

For an eight year-old girl with a violent background, 48 hours of detention in Canada was enough to prompt their development of selective mutism.

Samuel Helguero / May 24, 2020

Opinion, Politics & Policy

Burning the Wiphala Flag: How Canada and the U.S. fueled chaos in Bolivia

The ease with which the narrative of a fraudulent election was propagated, and the swift rise of right-wing forces in Bolivia, owes much to U.S. and Canadian foreign policy.

Samuel Helguero / Nov 20, 2019

Opinion, Politics & Policy

SNC-Lavalin affair recalls Harper’s bombing of Libya and a history of corporate power

If we are concerned for democracy, then that concern should manifest itself in a definable worry over corporate power that writes laws and engages in wars. They, more so than the leaders, are the constant problem.

Samuel Helguero / Aug 18, 2019

Canadian News, News, Business & Finance

A&W “watch list” technique to stop unions was leaked from anti-union conference

In exclusive recordings an outlet has documented a talk by A&W executives on how they keep their workplace “union-free.”

Samuel Helguero / Aug 17, 2019

Canadian News, Politics & Policy

Ford cuts $130 million of funding to Ontario legal clinics sparking mass protest

The 30% cuts have meant lay-offs, lower case loads, and may cost the public much more in the end.

Samuel Helguero / Jul 30, 2019

Canadian News, Politics & Policy

Ford government cancels changes to autism program after wide-spread protests and lay-offs

The flat rate of $5,000 a year would have been for everyone.

Samuel Helguero / Jul 29, 2019

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