BREAKING: Trudeau says medical masks prevent people from 'speaking moistly'

Trudeau commended the nearly 5,000 companies that have stepped up in the fight against the coronavirus.

Justin Trudeau addressed media outside of Rideau Cottage in Ottawa again on World Health Day Tuesday, giving updates around the coronavirus pandemic in Canada.

Trudeau started by sending his thoughts to Boris Johnson and his family, as the British Prime Minister spent the night in intensive care after his health deteriorated from persistent COVID-19 symptoms.

Trudeau commended the nearly 5,000 companies that have stepped up in the fight against the coronavirus. Trudeau said letters of intent have been signed with a "number of" companies to help in the fight against coronavirus.

Those companies, Trudeau said, includes companies such as Thornhill Medical, CAE, Ventilators by Canadians, and Starfish Medical, to make 30,000 made-in-Canada ventilators.

Nobel Prize winning researcher and Canadian astrophysicist Art MacDonald has also teamed up with the feds to help create "easy to make" ventilators in Canada.

When asked if it should be anticipated that Canada would need all 30,000 ventilators, Trudeau said he "certainly hope[s]" that Canada will not need them, though points to other countries across the globe who needed medical supplies and were insufficiently equipped.

Trudeau said that the federal govt was in contact with countries around the world to deliver medical masks and other personal protective equipment from around the world, including 3M, whose 500,000 masks are expected to arrive tomorrow.

Trudeau commended health care workers on World Health Day, saying he hopes Canadians "honk a little louder" and hang a supportive rainbow in their windows today for their hard work.

Medical masks confusion

Yesterday, Canada's top doctor Theresa Tam said that face masks served as a useful prevention method in the spread of COVID-19. The statement came in direct contrast to previous statements of hers, saying that the masks could do unintended harm.

Trudeau referred to the advice of Dr. Tam for medical advise, saying he was not a medical expert. Trudeau said that people wearing masks was "okay," saying that it protected others more than it protects you from speaking "moistly" on one another.

"My understanding of what Dr. Tam explained yesterday, is that if people want to wear a mask, that's okay... It prevents you from breathing or speaking moistly on them—what a terrible image—but it is something people can do in certain situations," he said.

"The advise remains, stay home and keep two meters apart."