British school dress code controversy reveals the madness of gender ideology

People are waking up to the sheer stupidity that PC changes like “gender-neutral” uniforms are. The moral of this story: stand up and be heard. Do not let these kinds of changes stand.

Mattea Merta Montreal, QC
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Imagine arriving at school in a skirt, having the gate where you enter shut in your face and being told you have to go back home and change because skirts are no longer a part of your school’s “gender-neutral” uniform. Well, that’s exactly what happened to several girls at the Priory School in Lewes, East Sussex.

Only a few days before the new term was to start, the school implemented a new “gender-neutral” uniform rule “designed to promote equality among students.” It required all students, male and female, wear pants.

Students were forced to wear the school’s “gender-neutral” uniform after “concerns” were raised over the length of girls’ skirts but that was only part of the issue. In reality, they were catering to a handful of transgender students. When parents and students were upset that they would have to pay for a new uniform, the school said only new students would be required to wear the new dress code. But, just a few weeks before summer holidays, Priory School changed their minds and stated all students, not just newcomers, were required to wear the “gender-neutral” uniform.

One of the statements put out by the school said that students not conforming to the new rule would be asked to return home and change before being allowed into the building. “I haven’t bought the new uniform and I don’t see the point in wasting money,” said Nina Cullen who wore her skirt to school and wasn’t allowed in, according to the BBC.

Many protested because the rule was “sexist” as it targeted female pupils, some were upset because they couldn’t afford a new uniform for the nine-month term period and others, due to the negative impact it would have on the plant. Some even carried signs that read “Fast fashion is the second biggest contributor to climate change.”

A spokesperson for Priory School said: “Our uniform also helps us to dilute the status placed on expensive clothes or labels and challenge the belief that we are defined by what we wear. Instead, we encourage individual beliefs, ideas, passions and wellbeing and an ethos of camaraderie that is reflected in this shared experience. We believe that a uniform worn without modification is the best way to ensure equality.”

“We do not want children feeling vulnerable and stressed by the pressure they feel to wear or own the latest trend or status symbol.” I don’t buy it. All of a sudden, a uniform policy that had been in place for decades was no longer sufficient as an “equalizer”? It was not for the sake of equality that they changed the policy, it was for the sake of political correctness.

“Priory School is not unusual in having trousers as the uniform item for all students. There are at least 40 other schools which have a similar uniform requirement.” So are pants are “gender-neutral” and skirts aren’t? Are we really having this discussion? Yup, we are!

This attitude of “Everyone else is doing it, so we’ll do it too” shows us that this was not a move based off of a conviction to promote “equality.” It was a politically correct decision. PC decisions are dangerous because they are frequently changed when the culture says it’s time to move onto the next set of feel-good changes.

If equality is to be championed, it should be in the form of opportunity. And in this situation, girls should be given the same opportunity to be girls and boys to be boys. Because we are human beings, we are equal, end of story. Contrary to what influencers, university professors, and purveyors of woke culture tell us, your gender identity does not mean you are ranked higher or lower on some imaginary scale of worth. We are all equal because we are all human. Trigger warning: regardless of how any individual feels, sees themselves or desires themselves to be, males and females are biologically different. Our differences are not something to be ashamed of but to be marvelled at. We have different hormones, brains, chromosomes and bodies. No volume of papers that are drafted by Gender Studies departments will change these facts. Yet the charge forward by elites in education, corporations and media persists towards “equality.”

Preaching this “sameness” doctrine so that a handful of students “feel comfortable” and communicating that the sole purpose of “gender-neutral” uniforms to promote this false sense of equality will continue to sow seeds of discontentment amongst students and parents. Teaching students the anti-scientific view that gender is something that can be chosen goes against the very essentials of life itself – facts. Saying men and women, boys and girls are the same harms men and women. Men are judged against a woman’s standard and women against a man’s. In the words of Ashley Maguire, author of Sex Scandal: The Drive to Abolish Male and Female, “to be more of a woman is to be more of a man. Ironically, all this gender confusion is being promoted at a time in history when science is telling us that males and females are different.”  “Sameness” is an ideological experiment that is failing both genders.

The very word equality has been warped. It’s become a slingshot any group can take hold of, load their grievances into and fire into society at which point, all people must modify their words, actions and entire way of being to appease the desires of these groups and if you don’t, watch out. Equality is, unfortunately, now a tool of social justice authoritarianism. It’s time to take it back.

Former Priory school pupil, Tim Loughton, a UK Member of Parliament, commented on the [gender neutral uniform policy change] saying it was, “political correctness gone mad again”. And boy, was he right. Even Piers Morgan chimed in on Twitter saying, “Speaking as a former Priory student, I’d like to state that this is absolutely bloody ridiculous, and the protesting parents & students have my full support. This whole gender neutral craze is out of control. Let girls be girls & boys be boys.”

Priori School says its core purpose is “quality of teaching and learning,” but science is blatantly being ignored and PC culture is dominant. A school’s job is to educate and equip young minds to go out into society and be able to contribute. Right now it seems they would rather indoctrinate kids so that they can be the next band of social justice warriors who require safe spaces.

There are a few winners in this sad saga. However, the students and their parents have achieved a victory. They took action instead of saying it was “just another thing” they had to deal with. Whether they were raising their voices against sexism, taking a stand for morality, or the environment, they won because they took a stand. What’s great to see is the young and old taking a stand together against this ridiculous policy change. These young women stood for common sense and that gives me great hope. People are waking up to the sheer stupidity that PC changes like “gender-neutral” uniforms are. The moral of this story: stand up and be heard.

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