1619 project

'1619 Project' founder loses her mind after valid criticism of her project by her colleague

When faced with building criticism of the "1619 Project," coming from both within her own newspaper, the White House, and beyond, creator Nikole Hannah-Jones lost her mind.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson

As The New York Times deletes portions of the '1619 Project,' its creator deletes her tweets

A quick scan of her account shows that nothing exists prior to a few days ago. Hannah-Jones previously had thousands upon thousands of tweets.

James Anthony

BUSTED: New York Times quietly deletes revisionist history from discredited ‘1619 Project’ after getting called out by Trump

The New York Times has quietly deleted parts of their "1619 Project" that relate to the revising of American history, specifically the notion that America was founded in 1619.

Angelo Isidorou

President Trump threatens to defund institutions that use 1619 Project

US President Donald Trump threatened to withdraw federal funding from any educational institution that teaches the controversial and widely debunked 1619 Project.

James Anthony

Leftists smear US senator as racist for critiquing 1619 Project

There was only ever one way that Cotton's critique of the 1619 Project was going to be met, and that was with accusations of racism hurled at the critic. It is the only tool of discourse the left will use.

Libby Emmons

The New York Times just debunked a wild conspiracy theory about fireworks pushed by one of their most prominent writers

The New York Times just published an article debunking a wild conspiracy theory about fireworks that one of their top writers was spreading on her social media.

Quinn Patrick