2019 election

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7 months ago

Shocking new evidence emerges that Nova Scotia mass shooter may have been RCMP informant

Speculation is growing as to the relationship of the now-deceased mass killer to the RCMP and questions are being asked about the RCMP's lack of transparency surrounding the case.

Quinn Patrick
10 months ago

2020 Tokyo Olympic games to be postponed due to coronavirus

Dick Pound, a member of the Veteran International Olympic Committee, announced that the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games will be postponed to 2021.

Sam Edwards
a year ago

Poll: Majority of Canadians felt that 2019 was an ABYSMAL year

A new poll has shown that more than 50 percent of Canadians think that 2019 was a bad year for Canada.

Nico Johnson
a year ago

Trudeau-appointed senator resigns from post during election

Senator André Pratte formally announced his resignation from the senate while election results are being broadcasted.

Dylan Gibbons
a year ago

Will Trudeau destroy Canada’s democratic norms to stay in power?

If Trudeau loses and tries to stay in power, it will be anti-democratic, anti-Canadian, and all of us must speak out against it.

Spencer Fernando
a year ago

Toronto Star columnist thinks young Canadian women are vulnerable—she’s wrong

I have my own message for young Canadian women: You are not weak. You are not vulnerable. You know better than some elitist Toronto columnist.

Libby Emmons
a year ago

BLOC RISING: The BQ may have a big election day

With the BQ surging, we have to be prepared that separatism is much more alive than we think.

Nico Johnson and Roberto Wakerell-Cruz
a year ago

Trudeau will censor your social media if reelected

The Trudeau Liberals plan to regulate and censor your social media if reelected, according to a new report from Blacklock’s Reporter.

Barrett Wilson
a year ago

WATCH: Teen with terminal cancer urges Canadians to vote

In a video posted to social media, Yetman urges Canadians to vote for the election in the video saying “If I can find the time, you can find the time.”

Russell Leib
a year ago

Conservatives announce new policy to help families adopt children

The aim of the policy is to make the process of adopting a child more affordable and less of a financial barrier for parents or soon-to-be parents.

Lucas Holtvluwer
a year ago

Absence of military spending and veterans’ issues from debate was a huge mistake

However, two issues that were not discussed at any length was military spending, and support for Veterans. That is appalling.

Spencer Fernando
a year ago

Press freedom wins big and Canadian establishment media ignore it

Free speech is dying a slow death in Canada.

Jason Unrau
a year ago

The real losers of last night’s leaders’ debate were the Canadians who watched it

I could have closed YouTube. But I can’t turn off my country. If you made it through with your will to live still intact then pat yourself on the back.

Anna Slatz
a year ago

WATCH: Scheer zings Trudeau by suggesting he run for Ontario Liberal leadership

“There is a vacancy for the Ontario Liberal leadership, and if you’re so focused on provincial politics, go and run for the leadership of that party”

Ali Taghva
a year ago

Judge orders Trudeau government-appointed commission to give access to journalists banned from debates

A federal court judge ordered Trudeau-government appointed Leaders’ Debate Commission to accredit conservative reporters which were previously barred.

Graeme Gordon

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