Huawei 5G to be removed from UK by 2027

Mobile providers in the UK are being banned from purchasing new 5G equipment from Huawei after Dec. 31, and must remove the company's 5G kit by 2027.

Sam Edwards

Bell launches five new 5G network towers across Canada

Bell Canada customers will now have access to high-speed 5G wireless networks in five different Canadian cities as of today, according to Global News.

Quinn Patrick

BREAKING: Trudeau can't answer whether or not he's afraid of Xi Jinping

When asked if he was afraid of Xi Jinping, Trudeau said: "Every step of the way, we have listened to our security agencies, our intelligence services, to work with our allies."

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Bell to work with Ericsson on 5G networks instead of Huawei

BCE Inc. has chosen to work with Ericsson—a Swedish telecommunications company—to build its Canadian 5G network.

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WATCH: Trudeau squirms out of question on Liberals taking taxpayer dollars via pandemic benefits

On Friday, it was revealed that the Liberal Party was taking wage subsidy cash from the taxpayer wallet, along with the New Democrats and the Progressive Conservatives.

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Liberal MP and chair of health committee signs petition claiming 5G radiation causes childhood cancer

The US government has previously said there is “no evidence to suggest that 5G has anything to do with COVID-19," or that 5G poses health risks, in general.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Conspiracy theorists torch 5G mast, claiming radiation caused coronavirus outbreak

People are reportedly lighting phone masts on fire and even targeting engineers after claims that the coronavirus pandemic was caused by 5G radiation.

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