Amber Heard has been exposed as a violent abuser—let's learn from it

Even with the knowledge that Heard is the perfect portrait of a female abuser, we continue to act as though these occurrences are few and far between.

Sydney Watson

Former assistant to Amber Heard alleges abuse

The closest person to Amber Heard has turned against the Aquaman actress, going on record to testify that Heard had mentally and verbally abused her.

Ian Miles Cheong

Another #MeToo fraud: Amber Heard assaulted and abused Johnny Depp

Recordings reveal an admitted history of violence by Heard. In this recording, Heard admits to hitting Depp, and “starting a physical fight.”

Libby Emmons

Biological male who broke a woman’s skull named “bravest athlete in history”

MMA fighter Fallon Fox, who twice broke an opponent’s skull to win a match, has been called the bravest athlete in history.

Libby Emmons

Notorious antifa doxing activist accused of racism and predatory behaviour

One of Twitter’s most prominent antifa doxing activists has been accused of blackmail, racism and engaging in predatory behaviour toward underage girls.

The Post Millennial