Black Stanford University Medical students demand $25 million for 'social justice'

This 16 point list of demands explains exactly how the $25 million is to be spent, for training in anti-racism, infrastructure, data collection, and emotional needs.

Collin Jones

Jordan Peterson returns with epic takedown of political correctness

Jordan Peterson released a post on his website concerning the dangerous impacts political correctness is having in universities and on important research.

Sam Edwards

Woke mob tries to get economics professor fired for arguing police shouldn't be defunded

When economist Harald Uhlig tweeted a tongue-in-cheek criticism of the call to “defund the police,” he didn’t expect to lose his editorial position.

Brad Polumbo

University of Alberta fires anthropology professor for saying biological sex is real

The University of Alberta has fired Kathleen Lowrey from her role as associate chair of undergraduate programs in the Department of Anthropology, for saying biological sex is a reality.

Erin Perse

Elite New York professors celebrate the destruction of their city

Professors at two of New York’s most prestigious universities have advocated for and praised the violence that has come to be associated with the aftermath of daily protests in New York.

Libby Emmons