Racial minorities targeted in ad for population control

Whether in Canada or in the global south, we should have no part in policies, programs, or organizations which seek intentionally to push non-white women to have fewer children.

Garnett Genuis

Ontario’s political advertising laws need an overhaul

Political advertising laws in Ontario need an overhaul before big-headed bureaucrats at Elections Ontario do further damage to free speech in the province.

Christine Van Geyn

Ads that affirm our worst impulses are doing more harm than good

Unhealthy eating habits, encouraged by coronavirus contagion confusion, pose a more imminent danger that just making it harder to fit into a pre-pandemic wardrobe.

Mia Cathell

NB machine shop ordered to take down advertisement—accused of misogynistic imagery

A billboard sign was taken down from Highway 15 between Moncton and Shediac after a number of complaints that the image of a mid-riff bearing woman was misogynistic.

Collin Jones

Canadians are finding new business opportunities despite the pandemic

Here are just three Canadian businesses that have opened during the coronavirus pandemic and are finding success in their respective rights.

Elizabeth Sarah Larkin