Air Canada

Toronto Pearson Airport seeing most international arrivals with COVID-19 cases

The majority of the flights were operated by Air Canada, while others were operated by United Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, HiFly and Egyptair.

Elie M. Cantin-Nantel

Air Canada to discontinue 30 routes throughout the country

Air Canada will be closing eight stations around the country and is discontinuing service on 30 of its domestic routes

Sam Edwards

Air Canada to resume certain international flights next month

There will be 97 international and domestic locations offered by the company—down 220 from last year.

Sam Edwards

Air Canada passengers to undergo temperature checks before boarding flights

There will now be mandatory temperature checks for passengers boarding Air Canada flights.

Sam Edwards

Canadian air travellers may face massive fee hikes after lockdown

Canadian air travellers may face huge price increases without Trudeau government funding and some air fees could hike by 50 percent.

Nico Johnson

Air Canada suspends all flights to and from United States

Airline cancellation and change fees are expected to be waved, with the possibility of rescheduling with no added fees.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Air Canada rehires 16,000 employees with stimulus funds

The over 16,000 Air Canada employees who were laid off a week ago as a result of the coronavirus pandemic will be rehired immediately.

Quinn Patrick

Air Canada suspends flights to China until April 10

As the number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases continues to rise, Air Canada has decided to suspend flights between Canada and the Chinese mainland.

Sam Edwards

Air Canada plane makes emergency landing in Madrid following ruptured tire

An Air Canada flight from Madrid to Toronto has made an emergency landing following a “technical issue”.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Feds evacuating Canadians from China, issue travel warning

As Air Canada cancels all flights to China indefinitely, 160 Canadians in China are asking for assistance from the government in returning to Canada.

Graeme Gordon

Staff at Air Canada will no longer use ‘ladies and gentlemen’ to address passengers

In a bid to eliminate gendered terminology, Air Canada has decided to scrap the common address “ladies and gentlemen” or the French “mesdames et messieurs” for all staff.

Dylan Gibbons

Air Canada fined $21,000 for not having proper French labeling

Air Canada has been ordered by the Federal Courts to pay $21,000 to an Ottawa couple who say that Air Canada violated their French-language rights.

Dylan Gibbons

Air Canada misplaces Whitehorse man’s dog causing lengthy flight ordeal

Bobbie Milnes, a resident of Whitehorse, says that Air Canada lost his dog, leading to a 30-hour ordeal during a cross-country flight around Canada.

Dylan Gibbons

Air Canada in talks to aquire Air Transat

Air Canada may become the proud new owner of Air Transat.

Ali Taghva

Five hospitalized after Air Canada plane collides with fuel truck

The incident took place just after 1:30 a.m. Friday morning while the aircraft was taxiing, according to a spokesperson for the airport.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz