Air travel

Southwest Airlines removes black passenger with Trump hat for not wearing mask

A black passenger traveling as part of a group was removed from a Southwest Airlines flight. According to the airline, the crew removed him for not wearing a mask after multiple requests to do so.

James Anthony

55 flights arrive in Canada with passengers infected with coronavirus

More than 20 new flights have recently landed at Canada’s international airports with at least one infected passenger on them, bringing the grand total to 55 flights in less than three weeks.

James Anthony

Air travellers must now provide medical proof when refusing to wear masks

Canadians boarding flights without wearing a mask now have to provide medical proof showing that they are unable to wear one.

Sam Edwards

Interactive map launched to help Canadians navigate travel amid pandemic

Canadians who are planning on travelling around the country this summer will have a new interactive map to help them get around amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Quinn Patrick

Air travel tech to win back fliers to the friendly skies

The airline industry appears to still be shutdown with no idea as to when it’ll open up. They are looking into technology that can help bring customers back.

Elizabeth Sarah Larkin