Alabama passes law to approve castration for convicted pedophiles

For criminals who are convicted of sex crimes with minors under the age of 13, Alabama will now require chemical castration as a condition of parole.

Libby Emmons

Students are throwing 'coronavirus parties' to intentionally infect each other

Students have been participating in a contest to see who among them can catch coronavirus first.

Sam Edwards

Relatives in Alabama charged with performing sexual acts on infant

Two relatives in Alabama are being charged with the production of child pornography after the Alabama Bureau of Investigation raided both of their homes.

Quinn Patrick

Changes to an Alabama Army base due to coronavirus

Catching up with an old friend who is sheltering-in-place on an Army base in Fort Rucker, Alabama.

Collin Jones

WATCH: Teen testifies against transition

Emerging evidence shows that the medicalization of healthy children’s bodies and turning teens into lifelong medical patients does not result in happiness.

Libby Emmons