City of Toronto issues reminder that alcohol is not permitted in parks or on beaches

Torontonians will be flocking to the parks for Canada Day on Wednesday however this City of Toronto has issued a reminder that alcohol is prohibited.

Quinn Patrick

Binge-drinking and job anxiety up among Canadians due to coronavirus

A recent survey suggests that heavy drinking is most prevalent among younger people and those who have anxiety about financial instability due to COVID-19.

Collin Jones

The WHO wants governments to crack down on alcohol use during coronavirus outbreak

The World Health Organization said that consuming alcohol raises you risk of contracting COVID-19 and will also make matters worse if you do get infected.

Quinn Patrick

Toronto officers to enforce social distancing this weekend

There will be 160 police service members and 200 by-law officers checking in on areas where people tend to congregate.

Sam Edwards

Alcohol flows from household taps in India

Alcohol has seeped into the water supply in a town called Chalakudy in India and is flowing from the taps of local houses.

Sam Edwards