Trump promises education mandate to teach American exceptionalism

Instead of learning only that America has been an oppressor, students should learn why the American nation has taken up the fight for democracy and freedom as often as it has.

Libby Emmons

WATCH: Doug Ford thankful Canada doesn't have 'systemic, deep roots' of racism that the US does

When Ford was asked about the performance of US President Donald Trump, Ford said that he "honestly, don't have time to watch the news," saying that he was busy doing his best to protect the people of Ontario.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Adorable puppy gets stuck in used tire, firefighters come to the rescue

A three-month-old puppy in California got stuck in a used tire. The puppy’s neck had swelling, making the rescue attempt more difficult.

Barrett Wilson

Top Bernie staffer champions street-violence, compares MAGA voters to Nazis

A staffer for the Democrat presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, was videoed appearing to advocate for street violence

Nico Johnson

How social justice is making homelessness worse in Seattle

Seattle has a prolific homeless offenders problem—one made worse by a light on crime approach championed by progressive activists in elected office.

Joseph Fang

Jersey City official calls Jews ‘brutes’ after tragic shooting, refuses to apologize

Many are saying the coments of a city official were anti-Semetic following the Jersey City shooting.

Sam Edwards

Update: 16-year-old girl who was kidnapped found safe

A 16-year-old girl was kidnapped off a rainy Bronx street, thrown into a van by a group of men in front of her horrified mother, police said Tuesday.

Quinn Patrick

U.S. churches politicize nativity scenes

U.S. churches make climate change and immigration policies the themes of their nativity scenes

Sam Edwards

Fifth-grade teacher made students ‘set price for a slave’ on quiz

The question read: “Set your price for a slave. These could be worth a lot. You may trade for any items you’d like.”

Quinn Patrick

WATCH: Joe Biden calls retired farmer “fat” at town hall event

Joe Biden has called an Iowa voter “fat” after he questioned the Democratic presidential candidate for his alleged Ukrainian nepotism incident.

Nico Johnson

American life expectancy dropping dramatically

A study has revealed that life expectancy in America is declining dramatically after decades of progress.

Nico Johnson

Hazel McCallion, Tucker Carlson, encourage Canadians to support Cherry

Hazel McCallion has expressed her support for Don Cherry stating that “I want Don back on Hockey Night in Canada.”

Nico Johnson

American teacher follows in Trudeau’s footsteps, does blackface

A teacher who wore a blackface costume to Halloween has been suspended from the school he teaches at in California.

Nico Johnson

Epstein death was murder, says pathologist

Dr. Micheal Baden, the pathologist hired by Jeffery Epstein’s brother, has stated that Epsetin’s death looked more like a homicide than suicide.

Nico Johnson

E.T. child actor is all grown up and getting DUIs

Henry Thomas, the actor infamous for playing Elliott in E.T., was arrested Monday for driving under the influence.

Dylan Gibbons