Canada's carbon pricing is a failure, says new report

A new study from the Fraser Institute analyzes 31 OECD countries which have implemented carbon pricing regulations

Noah David Alter

Justin Trudeau wins 'Planetary Leadership Award' despite not planting a single tree in a year

This comes as a shock to some environmental activists as Justin Trudeau's government has yet to plant a single tree in his campaign to plant 2 billion.

The Post Millennial

Liberal MPs express fear over WE scandal documents release

Justin Trudeau has made a small fortune from speaking fees since he became a Member of Parliament in 2008.

Nico Johnson

Wilfrid Laurier engages in sex discrimination through inclusion efforts

Wilfrid Laurier University has drunk so deeply from the social justice well that it doesn’t see the logical contradictions of its own actions.

Will McNally

An Ontario educator knows what’s at stake in teachers’ strike

Teaching is like mountain climbing. It take preparation, hard work, and dedication to earn a good contract. It doesn’t just come with the job.

Jena Oxenham

Murders of Black women erased by media focus on trans violence

If you’ve ever attempted to Google how many women, Black women, or “cis” women were killed in any given year,…

Kristen Monique

What Canadians should know about Nokia and Ericsson’s connections to China

As Canadian media and politicians warn against Huawei, other phone companies such as Nokia and Ericsson get a free pass.

Nico Johnson

New poll shows nearly 70 percent of Canadians believe Canada is broken

While not every Canadian has an answer on how to fix the railway blockade situation, most can agree that the government is failing to address the crisis.

Quinn Patrick

Bombardier exits commercial plane business in lieu of debts

Bombardier has lost US$1.6 billion according to a report of 2019. The aerospace company announced that it will be leaving the commercial aviation business.

Quinn Patrick

Tim Hortons’ sales see major drop

Restaurant Brands International (RBI), the Brazilian parent company of Tim Horton’s released a report on Monday stating that Tim Horton’s sales had dropped.

Quinn Patrick

Sperm counts continue to drastically drop in Western men

A team of international researchers studied men in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand and found that their sperm counts were dropping.

Quinn Patrick

Bill Gates foundation gives $6.5M to Canadian university for breastmilk research

A research group studying breast milk at the University of Manitoba has been given $6.5 million in order to create a new global initiative from Bill Gates.

Quinn Patrick

Alberta: unpaid taxes from oil and gas leaving municipalities unsettled

Albertan oil and gas companies owe the province’s rural municipalities unpaid property tax, and the amount has doubled since the beginning of last year.

Quinn Patrick

#Gamergate targets the CBC

Members of #Gamergate have launched mission “#OperationCanadianBaConII”, sending CRTC complaints about CBC’s bias. The CBC’s license is getting renewed.

Josh Lieblein

How social justice and cults control language to control you

The social justice movement and cults both try to control language in order to control people’s thoughts and actions.

Vanessa Glavac