Andrew Yang

Coronavirus has put a stop to handshakes—try these creative greetings instead

During recent press conferences, Trump has said that handshakes may be a thing of the past. It behooves us to find some alternatives.

Collin Jones

Will Andrew Yang change CNN or will it change him?

Will Andrew Yang provide fresh insight or simply recite DNC talking points? The unfortunate thing is that we will have to watch CNN to find out.

Barrett Wilson

Dave Chappelle endorses Andrew Yang

Comedian Dave Chappelle, already officially part of the Yang Gang, has endorsed for Andrew Yang for the Democratic contender for the White House.

Libby Emmons

WATCH: Andrew Yang crushes the New Yorker caption contest

Andrew Yang captioning New Yorker cartoons is the best thing on the internet today.

Libby Emmons

Does Norm Macdonald love Andrew Yang? It’s complicated

Though Macdonald had previously never publicly endorsed a politician, this all changed last year, when Norm gave his endorsement to Andrew Yang.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Andrew Yang and Ted Cruz will ball it out for charity

Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) and Presidential candidate Andrew Yang (D) have agreed to have a one-on-one basketball match for charity.

Siddak Ahuja

Climate doomsayers like Greta Thunberg and the DNC are destroying discourse

We’ve descended into discourse that calls for birth strikes, international abortions, and on the farthest end of the spectrum, the consumption of human flesh, all to save the environment

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

A Universal Basic Income in Canada is feasible. An interview with Scott Santens

UBI isn’t a new idea. Big names from the left and right have supported it. The question then arises: can this policy work in Canada?

Siddak Ahuja

Could Andrew Yang be the Democrats’ Trump?

There are obvious differences between American President Donald Trump and Democratic hopeful Andrew Yang, the main one being that Donald Trump was already very famous when he began running for president.

Mika Ryu