Anti-pipeline Protests

Anti-pipeline blockades cost VIA Rail $373,000 a day

Revenue dropped substantially “mainly due to the interruption of service caused by the February blockades...” the report reads.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Criminal charges dropped against Wet'suwet'en anti-pipeline protesters in BC

Protestors who were arrested in B.C. in while blockading a section of the Coastal GasLink pipeline have had all criminal charges against them dropped.

Quinn Patrick

First Nation chiefs BLAST Trudeau government for creating divisions in community

The Trudeau government has been accused of sowing new divisions within the Wet’suwet’en community.

Nico Johnson

TRAIN DRAIN: Illegal blockades cost Canada $275 MILLION in three weeks

The Canadian Parliamentary Budget Officer has revealed through a report that the illegal rail blockades cost the economy $275 million over a few weeks.

Nico Johnson

Poll: Trudeau approval rate at 48 percent as railway blockades come to an end

A recent poll shows that the Liberal Government’s approval ratings have spiked following talk of a possible agreement that could end Canada’s rail blockades

Sam Edwards

Reconciliation is not dead

Reconciliation, that process of healing from cultural trauma, will not be simple or easy, but it is essential. To declare that it’s dead is to take the easy way out.

Beth Baisch

Anti-pipeline protestors removed from BC legislature, five arrested

The flock of anti-pipeline protestors who had been gathering outside BC’s legislature have ended their protest after the police started making arrests.

Nico Johnson

BREAKING: Train derailment in central BC, school evacuated

A train derailment in BC led to a local school being evacuated. It happened approximately 40 kilometres east of Prince George

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

BC exports fall $30 million a day due to anti-pipeline blockades, cargo may be diverted permanently

BC is losing $30 million a day in exports due to the ongoing anti-pipeline blockades that continue across Canada. These losses may be permanent.

Barrett Wilson

Canada is broken because Justin Trudeau broke it

Sixty-nine percent believe Canada is broken. Justin Trudeau has a 64 percent disapproval rating. There’s a reason for these numbers: Trudeau broke Canada.

Barrett Wilson

Students block Toronto streets in solidarity with anti-pipeline movement

On Wednesday afternoon, Toronto students walked out of their classrooms and took to the streets to express solidarity with anti-pipeline protestors.

Beth Baisch and Barrett Wilson

CN Rail is re-hiring majority of laid off workers

CN Rail is beginning to bring back the majority of workers that were laid off last month due to the shortage of work brought on by blockades.

Sam Edwards

Anti-pipeline protestors set up new blockade in Montreal

Anti-pipeline protesters have blocked the railway tracks in Montreal’s Pointe-Saint-Charles on Monday in support with the Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs.

Quinn Patrick

HYPOCRISY: Alberta couple given tickets for walking on CN land while blockaders get free pass

An Alberta couple’s Facebook post highlighting law enforcement’s hypocrisy with enforcing the rule of law is gaining traction.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Coastal GasLink Pipeline construction to resume work after agreement reached

The CGL pipeline in British Columbia is expected to resume work after talks between hereditary chiefs and government reached a proposed arrangement.

Quinn Patrick