Man arrested in Portland after using Molotov cocktail to start brush fire, gets released and immediately re-offends

A man is facing charges of reckless burning and second-degree disorderly conduct after Portland police say he used a Molotov cocktail to start a massive brush fire along Interstate 205.

Joe Vaughan

Homeless man charged with arson for Phoenix fire in Oregon

Amid the wildfires ravaging the West Coast, a local man was charged with arson in connection to a fire that was set Tuesday in the Phoenix area in southern Oregon.

Mia Cathell

BLM activist livestreams his own arrest after allegedly setting fire in Washington State

A BLM activist and alleged arsonist charged for reckless burning in the second degree had reported a fire set in Washington and then filmed his subsequent arrest.

Mia Cathell

Antifa torches Portland mayor's apartment on his birthday

As leftists still claim that the Portland protests are "mostly peaceful," rioters last night continued to loot, vandalize, and set residences ablaze—this time the apartment building where Mayor Ted Wheeler lives and on his birthday.

Mia Cathell

Portland rioters burn city in 'solidarity' with Kenosha

On the 90th consecutive day of rioting, multiple fires were set at the Portland Police Association building in a residential neighborhood, leading to 25 arrests last night.

Mia Cathell

BLM rioters set 'much of the black business district' ablaze in Kenosha

Protesters in Kenosha torched numerous black-owned businesses when they rampaged over the white-on-black police shooting of Jacob Blake.

Mia Cathell

Portland mayor pledges support for 'peaceful demonstrations' after rioters torch city building

Ted Wheeler, says he supports "peaceful demonstrations" happening in his city. This after "peaceful protestors" set fire to the Multnomah County building.

Joe Vaughan

Fire that destroyed Democrat HQ was believed to be 'conservative' plot—it was a disgruntled Democrat

A fire that burned through the county Democrat headquarters in Phoenix was widely believed to have been set by a disgruntled conservative, but it was a banned Dem volunteer.

Libby Emmons

WATCH: Antifa miltants try to burn down Portland courthouse, torch pioneer statue

The Post Millennial's editor-at-large, Andy Ngo, shared video of the protests in Portland, Oregon on Thursday night that show protestors and members of Antifa attempting to burn down a federal courthouse.

Quinn Patrick

Rioters set home ablaze with family and child inside

A multi-family residence that was occupied and had a child inside was set on fire and rioters blocked firefighters from accessing the scene.

Sam Edwards

Suspect arrested in CN building fire incident in BC

The RCMP arrested a young man they suspect was responsible for setting a CN Rail building on fire in BC.

The Post Millennial

Bernie Sanders supporter released on bail after trying to burn down Republican office

A supporter of Bernie Sanders has attempted to burn down a GOP office in Eureka, California, according to the local ABC affiliate.

Nico Johnson

Quebec man sentenced to two years on child pornography, animal cruelty, and arson charges

A Gatineau, Quebec, man has been convicted of heinous crimes including animal cruelty, the possession of child pornography and arson.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz