WATCH: Woman choked by Victoria Police for not wearing a mask

A video has gone viral on social media that appears to show a masked Victoria police officer attempting to apprehend a young woman by choking her before dragging her to the ground.

Collin Jones

Woman smashes police officer's head into concrete during face mask conflict

A junior police officer asked a 38 year old woman why she wasn't wearing a mask and was met with extreme violence by the woman.

James Anthony

Australia to acquire long-range missile capability

Morrison said that Australia intends to acquire long-range missiles and other military capabilities that would "deter" potential conflicts in the future.

Collin Jones

Kayaker drowns after posting 'last call for help' on Facebook

An Australian kayaker's body washed up on shore after he went live on Facebook, showing how he had been pulled off the coast of New South Wales during a fishing trip.

Collin Jones

Popular activist Imam of Peace suspended from Twitter for sharing anti-terrorist meme

The Imam of Peace, Imam Tawhidi, has been locked out of Twitter for ridiculing an Islamic extremist organization.

Libby Emmons

Canada joins over 100 nations in calling for investigation into China's coronavirus outbreak

More than 110 countries, including Canada, have joined with Australia in pushing for an independent investigation into the origins of the coronavirus.

Collin Jones

Taiwan ramps up bid to join WHO with boost from Australia

Australia will offer full support in Taiwan’s return to the WHO. This comes after the WHO suppressed information on Taiwan’s coronavirus prevention efforts.

Collin Jones

Australia won't back down from coronavirus investigation despite Chinese threats

A leading Chinese official has urged Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to discontinue an independent inquiry into the beginnings of the coronavirus.

Collin Jones

'We're not here to talk about your socks': Trudeau 'humiliated' fellow leaders, says former Aussie PM

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been accused of “humiliating” fellow world leaders by Australia's former prime minister.

Sam Edwards

Australia may mandate smart phone tracking apps to help coronavirus containment

The Australian government has introduced a contact tracing app that will be used to curb the spread of COVID-19, and may make it mandatory.

Collin Jones

German zoo plans to feed animals to each other due to economic downturn

A German zoo, struggling from the economic downturn caused by the China-borne coronavirus, has devised a last ditch plan to save what it can of its animals by feeding some of them to each other.

Ian Miles Cheong

The WHO supports reopening China's wet markets

The Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is applying pressure on the WHO after they supported the re-opening of the Chinese wet markets.

Nico Johnson

WATCH: Australian PM Scott Morrison tells visitors to go home

“If they’re not in a position to be able to support themselves, then there is the alternative for them to return to their home countries," Morrison said, addressing the nation.

Libby Emmons

Learning to drive "not essential" in Australia, fines issued

Australians who are learning to drive may be fined for not abiding by social distancing and essential services measures when learning to drive.

Quinn Patrick

Feminist politician claims coronavirus affects ‘mostly women’ despite 70% of deaths being men

Only identity politics could turn a virus that disproportionately attacks and kills males into a women’s problem.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson