Activists call to change provincial name of British Columbia due to colonial past

British Columbia may be getting a makeover as many people are now calling for the province to be renamed, as the name doesn't honour the Indigenous people.

Quinn Patrick

Construction begins on Trans Mountain pipeline in Kamloops, BC

A Trans Mountain project to build a pipeline to move oil from Edmonton to Burnaby, B.C. has reached a "key milestone" as construction has begun in Kamloops.

Quinn Patrick

Westbank First Nation member questions hereditary chiefs’ anti-pipeline support

A woman of the Westbank First Nation questions the supports hereditary chiefs have for opposing the CostalGas Link pipeline.

Quinn Patrick

WATCH: Police officer threatens to arrest journalist covering anti-pipeline blockade

Jesse Winter, a photojournalist who has worked with the Globe and Mail, was blocked from trying to cover anti-pipeline protestors in Coquitlam, BC.

Barrett Wilson

WATCH: B.C. man in Speedo waterskis down the street, becomes legend

The internet has dubbed him ‘Speedo-man’ after a video posted shows a man skiing down residential streets being pulled by a pick up truck.

Quinn Patrick

Bow and arrow used to launch meth into jail

The bag of narcotics was attached to a carbon-fibre sporting arrow which was used to launch the package over prison walls.

Quinn Patrick

It turns out Meghan Markle did not visit a Vancouver women’s centre

It was widely reported that Meghan Markle visited Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre on Tuesday. It turns out she didn’t.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson

Supreme Court rejects B.C.’s appeal of Trans Mountain pipeline

The Supreme Court has dismissed B.C.’s appeal of the Trans Mountain pipeline project. The province was asking for jurisdiction over the project.

Barrett Wilson

Annual Vancouver snowball fight postponed because of snow

An annual snowball fight held at the University of British Columbia has been postponed due to a bombardment of snow.

Quinn Patrick

Jessica Yaniv appears in court, confronts Post Millennial reporter

Jessica Yaniv appeared in court today where she accused a Post Millennial reporter of taking photographs of her in the women’s washroom during recess.

Amy Eileen Hamm

Jessica Yaniv to appear in B.C. court today on weapons charges

Notorious trans activist Jessica Yaniv is due to appear in a British Columbia court today. Yaniv is facing two counts of possession of a prohibited weapon violating the Firearms Act.

Rebecca Christiansen

B.C. court allows transgender child to make own medical decisions

The B.C. Court of Appeal has delivered a verdict today regarding the right of a child to receive treatment for gender dysphoria without parental consent.

Diana Davison

B.C. First Nation ordered to pay $30,000 after “white bastard” comment

The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has ruled that a B.C First Nation must pay $30,000 after its chief referred to a woman councillor a “white bastard.”

Barrett Wilson

B.C. Supreme Court allows schools to hold mandatory Indigenous smudging ceremonies

If we let this ruling stand, then we are accepting that when it comes to participation in spiritual rituals, some Canadians are more equal than others.

Barbara Kay

A B.C. man is claiming that a taxi driver kept his phone for a $100 ransom

A man says his phone was held by a taxi driver who asked for $100 in order to return it.

Sam Edwards