UPDATE: Antifa militant who stabbed black Trump supporter in Portland released on bail by Antifa bail group

Antifa militant and convicted pedophile Blake David Hampe was bailed out by an Antifa bail group in Portland and released from jail after his Jul. 25 arrest for felony assault. Hampe allegedly stabbed black Trump supporter Drew Duncomb, who broke the news via Twitter tonight.

Mia Cathell

The coronavirus crisis is a story of wasted resources

From public health priorities, to foreign aid, to academic bailouts, the amount of tax-funded cash wasted in the last few months amount to billions.

Sumantra Maitra

The Globe and Mail asks Trudeau government for more bailout money

The Globe and Mail asked the government for more federal aid yesterday following significant revenue losses.

Sam Edwards

Universities need budget cuts not bailouts

Universities were not supposed to be gigantic businesses, with trendy fads, corporate speak and bloated bureaucracy. Instead of bailouts, it's time to cut the fat.

Sumantra Maitra

Sen. Chuck Schumer halts bailouts to Trump businesses

Senator Chuck Schumer included a provision in the bailout to American businesses and citizens that would ensure that Trump owned enterprises owned do not receive funds.

Collin Jones

Trudeau’s bailouts won’t help Canadian media—competition will

In less than two years, The Post Millennial has become one of the largest media organizations in the country. According to DDP’s survey results, roughly 12% of respondents viewed our content in the last week.

Ali Taghva

Trudeau bailout could be even more disastrously addictive for the media

The panel of experts wants the government to provide far more aid while continuing to operate a system that largely takes place in secretive backrooms.

Ali Taghva