BBC advises no face-to-face sex during the pandemic

The charity published advice instructing intimate couples to avoid kissing, wear a face covering, and choose positions that aren't face-to-face during sex—how romantic.

Mia Cathell

China's ambassador to the UK dismisses footage of shaven and blindfolded Uyghurs

China's ambassador to the United Kingdom overtly dismissed authenticated footage depicting prisoners blindfolded with shaven heads being loaded onto trains.

Collin Jones

Laurence Fox slays Owen Jones on free speech and 'cancel culture'

Fox responded saying "It’s great isn’t it? People now refusing to be cancelled by you and your cry bully chums?" Jones proceeded to call Fox a D-list actor.

Sam Edwards

Major brands are turning away from Black Lives Matter as group gets 'hijacked' by radical causes

Many major organizations are turning away from the Black Lives Matter organization as evidence mounts that its been 'hijacked' by radical causes.

Mia Cathell

John Cleese calls BBC's decision 'stupid,' after removal of Fawlty Towers episode

John Cleese has criticized the BBC over the decision to remove an episode of Fawlty Towers, a sitcom from the 1970's that Cleese created and starred in.

Quinn Patrick