WATCH: Bear cub with bucket stuck on its head rescued in northern Ontario

Bears are not uncommon in northern Ontario but this weekend, a black bear cub was spotted with a red bucket stuck on its head.

Sam Edwards

WATCH: Family saves bear cub swimming with plastic tub stuck on its head

A bear cub was spotted swimming with a plastic container stuck on its head, and a family pulled up beside it in their boat to help the bear out.

Quinn Patrick

Five bears euthanized after residents see them eating garbage

On Thursday, conservation officers regrettably had to euthanized five bears in Penticon, B.C. after they were sighted together going through garbage that had been left outside homes.

Dylan Gibbons

WATCH: Russian circus bear mauls its handler

A 660 pound, Russian circus bear viciously savaged its handler, before turning its attention towards the terrified audience.

Nico Johnson