Exiled Chinese virologist claims she has proof that COVID-19 was man made in Wuhan lab

The exiled Chinese virologist who fled to the United States to spread the truth about COVID-19 has entered the public spotlight again to expose scientific evidence proving that the coronavirus was concocted in a military Wuhan laboratory.

Mia Cathell

Chinese exile doctor reveals truth about coronavirus—now hiding in the US

A doctor in China fled her own country to reveal the truth about COVID-19, which some speculate may have originated in a military lab in Wuhan.

Collin Jones

BREAKING: Trump tells journalists on Air Force One he's banning TikTok

Speaking to journalists on Air Force One this evening, US President Donald Trump is reported to have announced that his administration will be banning popular social media app TikTok.

Libby Emmons

China retaliates against Houston consulate closure by shuttering US embassy in Chengdu

The State Department announced that the Houston consulate had acted as a "massive illegal spying and influence operations throughout the United States..."

Collin Jones

US demands closure of Chinese consulate in Houston, gives CCP three days vacate

The US has demanded that China close their consulate in Houston over intellectual privacy concerns, and has given them three days to do it.

Collin Jones

New Hong Kong national security law allows warrantless searches and covert surveillance of online activity

The Hong Kong police are implementing a number of controversial powers as part of the new national security law—including searches of private property without a warrant.

Collin Jones

Trudeau suspends extradition treaty with Hong Kong after Beijing imposes draconian law

Trudeau has introduced a fundamental shift in Canada's relationship with Hong Kong after the Chinese regime introduced a new security bill.

Nico Johnson

US revokes special status with Hong Kong, bars weapons exports

The US will no longer be exporting weapons or other sensitive technological equipment to Hong Kong due to China's newest imposition of security legislation.

Collin Jones

Top Conservatives attack Trudeau minister for dodgy China dealings

Prominent Conservative politicians have attacked Francois-Philippe Champagne over his dodgy mortgage dealings with the state-owned Bank of China.

Nico Johnson

US Senate to issue sanctions against Beijing in defense of Hong Kong

US Senators have collaborated on a piece of bipartisan legislation intended to defend Hong Kong's autonomy from the Chinese Communist Party.

Collin Jones

WATCH: Chaos ensues as Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmakers removed from heated parliament debate

Pro-democracy lawmakers in Hong Kong were forcibly removed during a debate about a bill that would criminalize any disrespect of the Chinese national anthem.

Collin Jones

Canada's opinion of China reaches unprecedented low: poll

85 percent of polled Canadians have said that they think the Chinese regime has been dishonest or untransparent about the coronavirus pandemic.

Nico Johnson

China's envoy to Canada praises Trudeau for not attacking Beijing

China's envoy to Canada has said they appreciate Canada's treatment of the regime, and accused the United States of "smearing" his country.

Nico Johnson

Canadians questioning more trade with China: Poll

An Angus Reid poll shows Canadians growing distrust of trade relations with China.

Quinn Patrick