Canada to provide Lebanon with $5 million in humanitarian aid following deadly explosions

Canada is set to provide Lebanon with $5 million following the two explosions that took place in Beirut on Tuesday.

Sam Edwards

WATCH: Beirut bride caught on camera during explosion

Israa Seblani was having photos and video taken of her in downtown Beirut when an earth-shattering explosion went off, and the moment was captured in the video.

James Anthony

BREAKING: Trump says his generals think Beirut explosion was an attack

US President Donald Trump told press today that the explosions that rocked Beirut, Lebanon, were not an accident. He has been informed that it may have been "a bomb of some kind."

Libby Emmons

Over 4,000 injuries reported in Beirut explosion, death toll continues to climb

The Lebanese security council and medical sources have confirmed at least 24 deaths in the explosion, with that number expected to rise.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz