Bernie Sanders

Unhinged Twitter users falsely claim Conservative MP made 'white power' OK sign

Michelle Rempel Garner got caught making the "OK" sign, which is just not okay anymore, according to leftists who see racism everywhere.

Libby Emmons

Media, Democrats deceptively use image of troll to suggest Trump supporters in Michigan are Nazis

While the identity of the sign-holder remains unknown, some additional images have surfaced which appear to suggest he was involved in the counterprotest.

Barrett Wilson

BREAKING: Bernie Sanders ends presidential campaign

Senator Bernie Sanders has suspended his presidential campaign. He announced this decision on a Wednesday morning conference call with his staff.

Libby Emmons

The left’s obsession with Trump blinds them to their own principles

Progressive policies are being employed, but they are not being praised by leftists simply because the man who is implementing them is Donald Trump.

Chad Felix Greene

Prominent Bernie bro tweets: "Go shoot the nearest police officer in the face"

"Go shoot the nearest police officer in the face" these are the words of a prominent activist and Bernie Sanders volunteer Yusuf Naqvi, a Chicago-based contract lawyer.

Ian Miles Cheong

BREAKING: Bernie Sanders CANCELS Ohio rally as coronavirus looms

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has cancelled a rally set for Cleveland, Ohio Tuesday as coronavirus becomes more of a concern for the United States.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

WATCH: Joe Biden get in heated debate with autoworker over guns, says he's 'full of sh*t'

Joe Biden got in a bit of a war of words with an automotive worker in Michigan—a state Biden is projected to win—over gun reform, eventually hurling a vulgarity at the man.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Bernie and Biden duke it out on health care

The difference between Biden and Bernie's competing health care visions mirrors the battle between progressives and moderates in the Democratic primary.

Deb Gordon

Radical trans activists silence women’s speech in peace-loving Vermont

Vermont was once a bastion for feminist liberties, and though trans activists wish to stop us from speaking, we will not be silenced.

Sherri Glebus

It’s hard to answer the question: ‘Is Bernie Sanders an anti-Semite?’

Bernie Sanders has turned his back on his Jewish heritage and his political ideology is one that attracts many anti-Semites.

Ari Hoffman

REVEALED: Bernie Sanders associate’s extensive violent criminal record

Alex Friedmann, a former consultant to Bernie Sanders, was recently arrested for allegedly planning a jailbreak. His violent past has now been revealed.

Barrett Wilson

Unhinged Bernie bro calls for blacklists of Bloomberg supporters

David Klion, the outspoken former opinion editor of Al Jazeera America, called upon his comrades to place Bloomberg supporters on lists.

Ian Miles Cheong

If your Valentine’s Day plans fall through, there’s a Bernie Sanders phone sex line

There’s a phone sex line exclusively for Bernie Sanders supporters because there’s nothing sexier than medicare for all.

Libby Emmons

Bernie Sanders supporter released on bail after trying to burn down Republican office

A supporter of Bernie Sanders has attempted to burn down a GOP office in Eureka, California, according to the local ABC affiliate.

Nico Johnson

The Iowa caucuses prove that the DNC is broken

The Democratic National Committee had one job and they couldn’t even do that. Watching them behave this way erodes what little trust their base had left.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson