Bill 21

Quebec moms fight back against Canadian school-enforced Islamic expression

Freedom of religious expression via religious symbolism should never trump the freedom to not wear religious symbols.

Barbara Kay

Sask. premier wants province to have Quebec-style immigration system

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe went on to say that he’s looking at Quebec as a model province, controlling their own immigration and tax systems.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

English-language group accuses Quebec of dodgy politics

An organization that represents English-speaking Quebeckers is accusing the Quebec government of undermining their activities in the province,

Nico Johnson

Political leaders silent over Bill C-21 and whether the government needs to intervene

Bill C-21, a controversial secularism law now being applied in Quebec which prevents many government employees from wearing religious symbols has been causing increased controversy and calls for the federal government to intervene.

Dylan Gibbons

Federal parties tarnish themselves with shallow progressive politics

Quebec’s so-called “secularism” law may shatter more than just the civil rights of faithfully practicing Canadians. It appears to have also utterly destroyed the shallow image of progressive politics put forward by almost every single federal leader going into the 2019 election.

Ali Taghva