Bill Blair

CBC runs article suggesting border closure should continue to middle or late 2021

Moshe Lander, an economist told the CBC "As long as Canadians don't feel safe, then why force open that border when there's no strong political logic to doing it?"

Joe Vaughan

Trudeau government's gun ban continues to expand, putting gun owners at risk

Over the past month, hundreds of guns have quietly been outlawed by the RCMP on top of the 1,500 firearms previously banned by the Liberal government.

Sam Edwards

Even anti-gun activists say Trudeau's gun ban will fail

Even a leading anti-gun advocacy group is unhappy with Justin Trudeau's gun ban after it was discovered that it has been made easily reversible.

Nico Johnson

WATCH: Trudeau minister doesn't know difference between a grenade launcher and a historic cannon

Video has emerged of Minister of Public Safety Bill Blair confusing a grenade launcher and a historic cannon placed in Stanley Park in Vancouver.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Trudeau government uncertain of how many prisoners were paroled over coronavirus fears

Federal prison managers have hit back at Bill Blair after he said that hundreds of prisoners had been released over coronavirus.

Nico Johnson

POILIEVRE: The state reigns supreme as never before in Canada

As we slowly move from a health crisis to an economic crisis, expect more appeals for expanded government power.

Pierre Poilievre

Trudeau government won't say how many 'hundreds' of prisoners they released

On Monday, Public Safety Minister Bill Blair disclosed that “hundreds of people" will be released from prison due to the coronavirus crisis. But the Trudeau government will not give a specific number.

Barrett Wilson

Suspect in NS mass shooting was not allowed to own firearms after 2002 assault charge

The gunman responsible for the Nova Scotia shooting which left at least 22 people dead was banned from owning firearms following an assault conviction.

Sam Edwards

Illegal immigration in Canada is near zero

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair noted that illegal border crossings, which have previously peeked at over 5,700 per month, have now dropped to zero.

Sam Edwards

Trudeau government releases hundreds of prisoners due to coronavirus

Blair went on to say that inmates did not pose a threat to the public, and that there were "literally hundreds of people" placed back in the community.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Trudeau's public safety minister wants early release of prisoners due to coronavirus

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair has advised the federal prison service to consider early release for offenders in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus in prisons.

Barrett Wilson

Trudeau will continue to allow illegal border crossers into Canada

The Trudeau government will continue to allow illegal border crossers into Canada, despite the on-going coronavirus pandemic.

Nico Johnson

Petition against Liberal gun ban closes and makes Canadian history

Bill Blair’s office did not respond to request for comment on the biggest petition in Canadian history that’s against the Liberal gun ban.

Sam Edwards

Bill Blair’s office says Liberals ‘will not target guns designed for hunting’

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair’s office gave The Post Millennial new information on the gun ban that’s being fast-tracked without routine consultation.

Sam Edwards

Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant mocks Liberal minister over gun ban

Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant called Minister of Public Safety Bill Blair the “Gun Confiscation Minister”.

Nico Johnson