Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter stands against Israel

BLM protests have continued their call for defunding police departments, but they have since added a new target for their anger— the Jewish state of Israel.

Ari Hoffman Ari Hoffman

Ilhan Omar calls for 'dismantling' America

Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar held a press conference Wednesday in St. Paul demanding that the federal government take action against "institutional racism."

Collin Jones Collin Jones

Hate crime charges for duo who painted over Black Lives Matter street mural

Two residents in Martinez, California are now being charged with a hate crime for painting over a Black Lives Matter mural in the street in front of the Contra Costa County courthouse.

Collin Jones Collin Jones

WATCH: CNN’s Don Lemon talks over Terry Crews and lies about Black Lives Matter

Terry Crews appeared on Don Lemon’s show last night to explain why he is not entirely in favour of Black Lives Matter, but Lemon refused to listen.

Mia Cathell Mia Cathell

WATCH: BLM protestors crash church service, assault worshippers

A church service was interrupted at Grace Baptist Church in Troy, New York by a Black Lives Matter protest.

Libby Emmons Libby Emmons

Toronto city councillors who voted against defunding police face vandalism, online backlash

Councillor Ana Bailão found “I Am Oppressing My Neighbour” taped to the front of her constituency office. The “OPP” was painted in red to reference the Ontario Provincial Police.

Mia Cathell Mia Cathell

BLM Toronto leader believes white people are sub-human, calls them 'genetic defects'

A social media post has resurfaced from a Black Lives Matter Toronto co-founder in which she argues that white people are “sub-human” and are “recessive genetic defects.”

Sam Edwards Sam Edwards

Elizabeth May claims tragic car crash that killed BLM protestor was intentional without evidence

The 27-year-old driver, Dawit Kelete, can be swerving in his Jaguar XJL as he approaches the small group of "Black Femme" protesters standing in the middle of the interstate.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Riots break out in Portland for the 38th consecutive day

Law enforcement in Portland, Oregon declared a riot around 11 p.m. Saturday night, marking it as the 38th consecutive day of protests and riots following the death of George Floyd.

Collin Jones Collin Jones

The city of Salem bans 4th of July celebrations, allows Black Lives Matter event drawing up to 1,000 protesters

The city of Salem, Oregon has given the go-ahead for a large Black Lives Matter gathering to be held today but canceled a 4th of July fireworks celebration over health concerns relating to the spread of COVID-19.

Ian Miles Cheong Ian Miles Cheong

Journalist attacked by 'Black Bloc' militants at Antifa riot in Portland

Independent journalist Tristan Taylor was beaten and robbed around 1AM on Saturday morning by black bloc militants during his livestream of Antifa riots in Portland.

Mia Cathell Mia Cathell
Ian Miles Cheong Ian Miles Cheong

Black fatalities rise in US cities after 'Defund the Police' movement surges

The movement to defund law enforcement across America has led to an alarming rise in violent crime in major US cities and an increase in deaths in the black community.

Mia Cathell Mia Cathell

Barcelona mayor says Christopher Columbus statue will remain standing

Barcelona mayor Ada Colau has rejected proposals to remove the Christopher Columbus statue in the Spanish city. Calls were made by local activists to remove the monument to the Spanish explorer in the wake of Black Lives Matter protests worldwide.

Collin Jones Collin Jones

Two Black Lives Matter protesters hurt in Seattle after driver crashes into them on the I-5

Two Seattle female protesters were transferred to Harborview Medical Center after being hit by an oncoming vehicle while standing in the middle of the road.

Collin Jones Collin Jones

Former NFL player calls out league over decision to play 'black national anthem'

Burgess Owens, a former NFL player and GOP candidate for Congress in Utah, tweeted his frustration over the NFL's decision to play a 'black national anthem.'

Quinn Patrick Quinn Patrick