Black Lives Matter

Man arrested for the shooting of two Louisville police officers

The suspect accused of shooting two Louisville cops Wednesday night during the Breonna Taylor riots is now in police custody.

Mia Cathell

CNN contributor calls Kentucky AG 'Uncle Tom' and 'step & fetch negro'

CNN pundit Sophia Nelson called Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron an "Uncle Tom" after the investigations into Breonna Taylor's death revealed that the responding officers did in fact make their presence known.

Mia Cathell

CBC News quietly edits article about car break-in that anti-police activist said was 'white supremacy'

CBC News has edited out language from a story about an anti-police activist's car getting broken into that she spun into an act of 'white supremacy.' The activist did not report the crime to police.

Mia Cathell

BREAKING: New video reveals the truth about Kyle Rittenhouse’s fateful night in Kenosha

An organisation raising funds for Kyle Rittenhouse's legal defense published a viral video that allegedly tells the truth about the 17-year-old accused of fatally shooting two men during the Jacob Blake riots in Kenosha.

Mia Cathell

BREAKING: Trump-supporting bar owner who defended his property from BLM rioter has taken his own life

A pro-Trump Nebraska bar owner committed suicide after he was charged for fatally shooting a black rioter who vandalised his business in May.

Mia Cathell

EXPOSED: BLM quietly scrubs anti-American, Marxist language from its website

BLM has changed its messaging, scrubbing their rhetoric in favour of disrupting the nuclear family from their site.

Libby Emmons

BREAKING: BLM activists descend on gay DC neighbourhood, assault residents

BLM activists took to the streets on Saturday evening, protesting systemic racism. Troubling reports and footage of out the DC area depict protesters harassing and attacking people in the gay neighborhood.

Angelo Isidorou

MORE WHITE LIES: A white BLM leader in Indiana apologizes for pretending to be black

A white self-proclaimed "Activist of Colour" in Indianapolis lied about being black and has since apologized for misleading the public.

Mia Cathell

USA Today falsely claims Jacob Blake is dead in story about Kyle Rittenhouse fundraiser

USA Today reported that a conservative gun rights group has raised over $50,000 for the alleged teenage Kenosha gunman "amid protests following the fatal police shooting of Jacob Blake." However, the black shooting victim is very much alive, but paralyzed.

Mia Cathell

Progressive news outlet runs rioter's false doxxing accusation against Andy Ngo without verifying with police

Portland paper Willamette Week published a article Wednesday on Andy Ngo, conflating his coverage of violent rioters with inciting violence upon them. Now a woman's central claim in the article is falling apart.

Mia Cathell

Two Arizona state police ambushed by teenager with 'assault rifle'

Two Arizona state troopers were ambushed by a teenager armed with a rifle in Phoenix, AZ. The assailants reportedly pulled up in front of them and honked right before a teenager exited the vehicle and shot at them.

Ian Miles Cheong

Progressive news outlet complains that Andy Ngo's coverage of violent crime harms violent suspects

Portland paper Willamette Week provided a platform for Portland rioters charged with crimes who are upset that Andy Ngo posted public records profiling their alleged criminal activity.

Mia Cathell

Lancaster protest shut down swiftly as officers regain control of the city

Twelve adults and one minor were arrested. A judge set bail for rioters at $1 million each.

Mia Cathell

Kenosha caravan blocks rush hour traffic and BLM activists occupy steps of county courthouse

The protest was reportedly in solidarity with those demonstrators in Lancaster, Penn., who had taken to the streets against the police shooting of a man who was charging at them with a knife.

Mia Cathell

WATCH: Al Sharpton claims BLM mobs who cheer on violence against cops and Trump supporters may be 'plants'

"Some I suspect, in my own way of thinking could be planted in order to hurt us, because that is so extreme from our position," said Sharpton.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz