Black Lives Matter

Chicago Democrat calls to abolish history classes and history books because it leads to 'White Privilege' and 'racist society'

Chicago Rep. La Shawn Ford, a Democrat, is calling for the abolition of history classes and the removal of “current history books” because history, he says, causes White Privilege and racism.

Ian Miles Cheong

Veteran speaks out after BLM mob tries to have her removed from school board for supporting police

A Pennsylvania woman and US Army veteran who was caught on video protesting for Blue Lives Matter, has spoken out after a petition was launched to remove her from her volunteer position on her local school board.

Libby Emmons

ESPN host mocks Christian NBA player for getting injured after not taking a knee

ESPN radio host Dan Le Batard decided to put a poll up on Monday to get people to vote on whether Jonathan Isaac's ACL injury was “funny” or not.

James Anthony

BLM mob repeatedly shows up at Minnesota senator's door

Black Lives Matter protesters appeared multiple times at Minnesota Republican Sen. Warren Limmer’s house, demanding that he address them.

Mia Cathell

NYC mayor ignored approval process for BLM murals while holding others' political speech hostage to permits

"We haven't said 'no' to people, we've said, 'If you want to apply you can apply but there's a process,'" de Blasio said at a press conference on Monday.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Portland grapples with surging homicides following police budget cuts

Portland is grappling with a surge in violent crime following the Black Lives Matter protests that have rocked the city following the death of George Floyd. There have been more killings in a single month than in the past three decades.

Ian Miles Cheong

Texas police clear leftist activists who flood Austin streets

Anti-police activists continued their crusade against police on Saturday in a march that began at the University of Texas in Austin and moved downtown. Police met the Black Lives Matter-supporting march, and drove them off the streets.

Libby Emmons

Pro-life activists arrested in DC for chalking sidewalk

Activists advocating for black lives, albeit those who are still inside their mothers' wombs, have been arrested outside of a Washington, DC, Planned Parenthood location on Saturday.

Libby Emmons

Left-wing activists burn bibles in Portland anti-police riot

Left-wing activists took to the streets of Portland Friday night—just as they’ve done every night for the past two months—to protest in front of the Mark O. Hatfield Courthouse, and burned bibles and American flags.

Ian Miles Cheong

NHL fans post photos of themselves kneeling after players stand for national anthems

Players will also be wearing #WeSkateForEquality helmet decals this season, to show support with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

No NHL players kneel during anthems this week, show 'unity supporting equality' in their own way

As the ongoing trend of kneeling during national anthems in professional sports continues, NHL players showed their support in a different way.

Sam Edwards

Antifa's 'Wall of Moms' accused of anti-black racism by BLM group

A Black Lives Matter group involved in the Portland protests with links to Antifa is accusing the "Wall of Moms" of anti-black racism.

Mia Cathell

CNN commentator claimed 'racists' vandalized BLM mural in Harlem—it was a pro-Trump black woman

CNN's Keith Boykin claimed that racists destroyed the Black Lives Matter painting in Harlem when it was an anti-BLM black woman.

Mia Cathell

Esther Krakue brings a new voice of reason with the uncomfortable truth

To speak up at a time when the Black Lives Matter movement was gaining huge momentum in the UK and US, Krakue certainly put her neck on the line to question the motives of those around her.

Fiona Dodwell

Armed Black Lives Matter protestor in Austin killed in shootout

A Black Lives Matter protest in the streets of downtown Austin turned violent when, Garrett Foster, who was armed with an AK-47, was killed amid an armed standoff with a driver, who shot and killed him while being confronted by protesters.

Mia Cathell