Bloc Quebecois

BREAKING: Bloc Quebecois leader tests positive for COVID-19

A statement from the Bloc says that Vlanchet is in self-isolation and "is doing perfectly well."

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Bloc leader threatens to pursue fall election if Trudeau, Morneau don't step down

"There is one in two Quebecers who thinks that it is a good idea to go to an election," Blanchet said at his Wednesday press conference.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Trudeau says his finance minister did not disclose his ties to WE, claims he did not know Morneau went on WE trips

When being pressed by Bloc MP Rheal Fortin, Trudeau explicity stated that he did not know Morneau made specific trips with WE Charity.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

BREAKING: Bloc Quebecois leader denies allegations of sexual assault

The Bloc Quebecois leader Yves-François Blanchet has denied allegations that he sexually assaulted a woman in the 1990s.

Nico Johnson

Bloc Quebecois leader calls for Trudeau to step aside amid ethics investigation

The Bloc Quebecois believes that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should step aside from his position while he is being investigated by the ethics commissioner.

Sam Edwards

Bloc leader says Singh has created a social crisis based on 'hatred'

Bloc Quebecois leader Yves-Francois Blanchet accused Jagmeet Singh of creating a "serious" social crisis and being responsible for "hatred."

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Bloc leader demands Singh apologize for racism accusations

Yves-Francois Blanchet, leader of the Bloc Quebecois has asked NDP leader Jagmeet Singh to apologize for accusing MP Alain Therrien of being racist.

Quinn Patrick

Singh stands by comments calling Bloc Quebecois MP racist

The NDP leader is standing by the comments that resulted in his removal from the House of Commons on Wednesday after he called a Bloc Quebecois MP racist.

Sam Edwards

BREAKING: NDP leader booted out of Parliament for calling Quebec MP a racist

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has been kicked out of the House of Commons today after refusing to apologize for calling a Bloc Quebecois MP a racist.

Nico Johnson

Bloc Quebecois leader says Trudeau is governing like a monarch

Yves-Francois Blanchet has attacked Justin Trudeau today, saying that the Liberal government has a lack of respect for Canada's democracy.

Nico Johnson

BREAKING: Trudeau says Opposition parties calling him a dictator is 'irresponsible'

Trudeau said that it was "somewhat irresponsible" for the Bloc and Conservatives to say we live in a dictatorship.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Ex-Parti Quebecois leader accused of sexual assault with a weapon

The former leader of the Parti Quebecois has been accused of sexual assault with a weapon in allegations that date back to 2014.

Nico Johnson

Green Party, Bloc Quebecois ask Trudeau to kill oil industry

The oil and gas sector has been devastated by the drop in oil prices alongside plummeting demand due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Nico Johnson

WATCH: Quebec MP complains that life-saving medical equipment doesn't have French labelling, calls it a 'Trojan Horse'

Therrien would then say that Franco and Acadian communities have called the gesture disrespectful. "Are you going to apologize to French-speaking Canadians?" Therrien concluded.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Quebec premier: grandparents shouldn't hug grandkids this summer

Legault has asked Quebeckers to "deprogram" in an attempt to adapt to a continuation of social distancing practices as the province gradually reopens.

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