Trudeau government extends foreign travel ban to July 31

The current travel ban on most foreign travellers has been extended by the Trudeau government until July 31.

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Ford says Canada-US border must be closed for potential second wave

Ontario Premier Doug Ford spoke at a news conference on Thursday and said he wants to see the U.S.-Canada border remain closed for non-essential purposes.

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EU to bar US travellers from entry despite reopening measures

European Union countries are preparing to restrict entry to Americans, due to the failure of the United States to handle the pandemic.

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Americans heading to Alaska and diverting in Banff told 'Now is not the time to visit'

Canadian border agents have been told to make sure they only allow essential travel following reports of Americans detouring to Banff en route to Alaska.

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Trudeau gov't forced to release border data, attacked for lack of transparency

The House of Commons' health committee has demanded that the government publicly release data regarding travel restrictions on the Canada-US border.

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Americans are vacationing in Canada despite coronavirus border closure

Despite the ongoing border closure between the U.S. and Canada, American travellers are being allowed to slip across the border by Canadian border officers.

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Canada-US border closure extended another month

All non-essential travel will remain forbidden from crossing over the Canada-US border until the end of July.

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Toronto woman who attempted to smuggle 25 guns from US in her gas tank freed over coronavirus concerns

A woman from Toronto, accused of smuggling 25 firearms from the U.S. in the gas tank of her SUV was released on bail after concerns of coronavirus risks.

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Trudeau's top doctor finally admits government waited too long to close borders

The Trudeau government did not ban foreign travel until March 18, a full week after the WHO declared a global pandemic.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

BREAKING: Canada and US agree to keep border closed for another month

Canada and the United States have agreed that the border will remain closed for another month to non-essential travel.

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Ontario families and couples separated by US-Canada border closure

The pandemic has led to many people living in unique circumstances, one of which is the struggle those face who live or work close to the Canada-US border.

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Canada-US border likely to remain closed through June 21 due to coronavirus

The Canada-US border will likely remain closed to all non-essential travel until June 21 in order to keep citizens safe from Covid-19 in both countries.

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BC health officials believe it is still too early to reopen border with US

Top health officials in British Columbia believe it’s still too early to reopen the United States Border as the province plans the reopening of its economy.

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Doug Ford 'adamant' he wants to keep Ontario-US border closed amid pandemic

Speaking to reporters at Queen's Park in Toronto, Premier Doug Ford said he's adamant that the Ontario-US border remain closed the during the lockdown.

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More asylum seekers crossing into Canada under new agreement

The border closures between Canada and the US that have been in place since late March have begun to creep back open to serve asylum seekers.

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