CBC runs article suggesting border closure should continue to middle or late 2021

Moshe Lander, an economist told the CBC "As long as Canadians don't feel safe, then why force open that border when there's no strong political logic to doing it?"

Joe Vaughan

Trudeau government cracks down on Americans using 'Alaska loophole' to visit Canada

Canada is working to crack down on what is being referred to as the “Alaska loophole” by implementing new restrictions against Americans.

Sam Edwards

Naked border jumper evades RCMP for hours during 'float chase' down BC river

A border jumper was arrested by Grand Forks RCMP after a float chase on Kettle River that lasted for hours.

Sam Edwards

Asylum claims rise in Canada despite travel restrictions

As travel restrictions remain in place, Canada is seeing an increase in the amount of asylum claims in the country.

Sam Edwards

Americans looking to move to Canada as US coronavirus cases surge

US and Canadian immigration lawyers say there has recently been an increase in Americans looking to move north of the border.

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The US-Canada border will remain closed until August 21: sources

The US-Canada border is set to stay closed until August 21st according to sources familiar with the situation.

Barrett Wilson

Trudeau government places health officials at US border crossings to screen for coronavirus

Public Health officials are to be placed at the Canada-US border to improve screening for coronavirus as more travellers have started entering the country.

Sam Edwards

Ford says Canada-US border should stay closed

Premier Doug Ford says he does not want to reopen the Canada-US border any time soon, citing a rise in coronavirus cases in the southern states.

Sam Edwards

Canada Border Services lost track of 2,800 criminals that should have been deported

A report by the auditor general states that there are 4,450 criminals that the CBSA has failed deport and it has lost track of 2,800 of them.

Sam Edwards

Trudeau health minister was hesitant to close borders to China out of fear of discrimination to Chinese-Canadians

Health minister Patty Hajdu said that the risk to Canadians remained low as late as March 9, only two days before the WHO declared a global pandemic.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Auditor-general: CBSA lost track of 34,700 individuals due to be deported

Canada’s border agency has failed to remove the majority of people under orders to depart from the country, according to the federal auditor general.

Sam Edwards

Trudeau government extends foreign travel ban to July 31

The current travel ban on most foreign travellers has been extended by the Trudeau government until July 31.

Sam Edwards

Ford says Canada-US border must be closed for potential second wave

Ontario Premier Doug Ford spoke at a news conference on Thursday and said he wants to see the U.S.-Canada border remain closed for non-essential purposes.

Quinn Patrick

EU to bar US travellers from entry despite reopening measures

European Union countries are preparing to restrict entry to Americans, due to the failure of the United States to handle the pandemic.

Sam Edwards

Americans heading to Alaska and diverting in Banff told 'Now is not the time to visit'

Canadian border agents have been told to make sure they only allow essential travel following reports of Americans detouring to Banff en route to Alaska.

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