Man arrested after setting Boston ballot box on fire

A joint statement by Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and the Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin described the crime as "a disgrace to democracy" and encouraged voters not to be intimidated.

Noah David Alter

Gigantic Black Lives Matter billboard put up by Boston Red Sox next to Fenway

Boston is a high-tech, university-focused town, and is also considered by many to be among the more social justice oriented cities in the nation.

James Anthony

Berklee College apologizes for allowing police to use its bathrooms

Berklee College of Music in Boston has apologized after it allowed members of the Boston Police to use its bathrooms.

Sam Edwards

Christopher Columbus memorials beheaded and torn down

Protesters targeted statues of Christopher Columbus in Massachusetts and Virginia on Tuesday evening in protest of racial injustice.

Collin Jones

Rioters outraged by death of George Floyd mistakenly vandalize a statue dedicated to African-American heroes

While protesting the death of George Floyd, vandals unwittingly desecrated a statue that honours African-American soldiers who fought in the Civil War to end slavery.

Collin Jones