British Columbia

Racial minorities targeted in ad for population control

Whether in Canada or in the global south, we should have no part in policies, programs, or organizations which seek intentionally to push non-white women to have fewer children.

Garnett Genuis

Trans rights activist forces resignation of BC party leader

His cancellation was allegedly due to the fact that he supports JK Rowling, who is seen to some as transphobic, including this very trans rights activist.

Angelo Isidorou

BREAKING: Horgan calls BC election amid pandemic

In what is seen as an unsurprising announcement, the NDP is calling this election during a time when Horgan has all-time highs approval numbers.

Angelo Isidorou

Vancouver spent $300K on designer furniture and complained city was 'bleeding money'

The high end furniture was being ordered as late as May, after Mayor Kennedy Stewart publicly claimed that the city is "bleeding money."

Angelo Isidorou

WATCH: BC RCMP swarmed and assaulted by large mob

One RCMP officer had projectiles thrown at him by an individual. When the officer attempted to make an arrest, he was swarmed and beaten by the group.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

BC father may face jail for not acknowledging child's gender transition

After all, what does a 13-year old know about how she will feel at 30? Inability to see around life's corners and a tendency to absolutism are primary traits of immaturity.

Barbara Kay

Drug addicts do not benefit from 'harm reduction,' but from rehabilitation and treatment

Harm reduction is the darling of progressive stakeholders in addiction management. Its most robust defenders tend to be ideologues, whose ultimate goal is the legalization of all drugs.

Barbara Kay

Party host in BC fined $2,300 for failing to follow COVID-19 rules

Victoria Police issued a $2,300 fine to a party host who allegedly failed to follow COVID-19 provincial guidelines.

Mia Cathell

BC CDC releases new guide of correct terms to make people feel less bad about having COVID-19

BC's CDC has just released a new guide aiming at reducing the stigma, , and exclusion often associated with terms related to the coronavirus.

James Anthony

BC woman charged after failing to self-isolate and visiting Cape Breton brewery

A British Columbia woman has been charged after failing to self-isolate and proceeding to visit a Cape Britain brewery.

Sam Edwards

BC landlord removes tenants doors and windows after she falls behind on rent

A landlord in B.C. removed the doors and the majority of windows from one of his rental houses after a renter fell behind on her payments.

Sam Edwards

Victoria Police issue public warning after used needle found wrapped around a railing

Police say the needle was found at around 5 pm on Sunday, with the exposed needle being tied to the handrail of a heavily used stairway.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

BC to reopen schools full-time and in-person this fall

K-12 students in British Columbia will return to full-time, in-class learning this fall as the province moves to Stage 2 of its 5-part "Education Restart Plan."

Mia Cathell

BC woman reunited with teddy bear containing her late mother's voice recording

Mara Soriano had been searching for her stolen teddy bear—containing a voice recording of her late mother—for the last four days.

Sam Edwards

Naked border jumper evades RCMP for hours during 'float chase' down BC river

A border jumper was arrested by Grand Forks RCMP after a float chase on Kettle River that lasted for hours.

Sam Edwards