Ford announces new COVID restrictions in Ontario as cases surge

The restrictions come into effect at 12:01 am on Saturday, October 10th.

Noah David Alter

60 percent of Canadian restaurants at risk of permanent closure due to COVID restrictions

According to a Canadian Survey on Business Conditions (CSBC) release, more than 60 per cent of Canada's restaurants risk having to close their doors for good by November.

Joe Vaughan

Statistics Canada: GDP dropped 38.7 percent in Canada between April and June

Canada’s economy saw its steepest recorded decline in the second quarter amid the pandemic as non-essential businesses were forced to close down.

Sam Edwards

BROKINIS: Toronto company brings male bikini to market

Two Toronto men have just created a new business that sells men’s one shoulder bathing suits which they're calling Brokinis.

Sam Edwards

WATCH: Black woman accuses Asian tea shop owners of 'stealing black culture'

A black woman accused Asian business owners by saying that the name of the boba tea shop, "Trap Tea," was "stealing black culture."

Mia Cathell

Leaked audio reveals that Goodyear lied about anti-police, anti-Trump, pro-BLM policy

Audio was leaked on Thursday from one of Goodyear’s diversity training sessions, which appears to show the company lied about its discriminatory programming.

Sam Edwards

Trump says he would remove Goodyear tires from Presidential limousine after boycotting company

After he called for a boycott on Goodyear tires, President Donald Trump said he would “swap out” the company's tires from the presidential limousine.

Sam Edwards

Goodyear apparently bans employees from wearing MAGA and pro-police attire but BLM is okay

President Donald Trump is urging Americans not to buy Goodyear tires after the company reportedly implemented a new policy that bans MAGA attire.

Sam Edwards

Trudeau government awards Quebec company with no Canadian factories 10-year $133 MILLION PPE deal

A Quebec company has landed a $133,486,868 sole-sourced federal deal to manufacture pandemic masks despite not having a factory in Canada

Sam Edwards

Survey: 25 percent of Canadian small businesses report employees refusing to return to work

Roughly 25 percent of employers say staff at their organizations have refused to return to work after being asked, according to a recent survey.

Sam Edwards

Bombardier chairman defends former CEO's $17.5 million severance package

The Bombardier Inc. chairman is defending former CEO Alain Bellemare’s hefty compensation plan worth millions of dollars.

Sam Edwards

Air Canada to resume certain international flights next month

There will be 97 international and domestic locations offered by the company—down 220 from last year.

Sam Edwards

Starbucks Canada to reopen most locations across the country by the end of May

Starbucks Canada has announced that by the end of May it is looking to reopen as many locations as it can.

Sam Edwards

Foodora delivery service to exit Canadian market in May

The company noted in a press release, that it has “filed a notice of intention” to shut down because of heightened competition resulting in lack of profits.

Sam Edwards

Trudeau won't refund small businesses because 'it's not their money'

Bill Morneau has said that the government will not rebate GST payments to smaller Canadian businesses as it is "not their money."

Nico Johnson