Federal Court rules US not safe for refugees, Canada-US 'Safe Third Country Agreement' unconstitutional

The decision was made by Justice Ann McDonald and says that refugees cannot be sent back to the US because it is not considered a safe country for them anymore.

Sam Edwards

Why Canadian Jews should support Donald Trump

I am mystified how Canadian Jews can hate Trump so much when he has clearly been so supportive of our community and Israel.

Georganne Burke

Ford says Canada-US border should stay closed

Premier Doug Ford says he does not want to reopen the Canada-US border any time soon, citing a rise in coronavirus cases in the southern states.

Sam Edwards

Worker deaths, government crackdown on dissidents, and criminal investigation surround Canadian mines in Latin America

In Putaendo, a city of Chile, hundreds of police and military personnel, reportedly “armed to the teeth,” flooded its streets to supervise extractive activity. Unlike other regions, Putaendo has no large-scale mines. It has, however, been eyed by a Canadian junior for preliminary exploration.

Samuel Helguero

Canadian newspaper issues TRIGGER WARNING over printing Canadian flag for Canada Day

As North America continues to cower and capitulate to the mob, a cowardly Canadian newspaper has taken grovelling to our woke overlords to the next level.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson

Canada should abolish the civil jury service

Civil juries are ill-equipped to weather social distancing, and should no longer be maintained as part of the Canadian court system.

Ryan O'Connor

BREAKING: Trudeau FAILS to win seat on UN Security Council

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has lost his bid for Canada to secure a temporary seat on the UN Security Council.

Nico Johnson

Post-COVID, Canadians must put politics aside and look at results

Hindsight may be 20-20 but it is important that we learn lessons from this public policy disaster. We cannot be lemmings, marching into the sea behind our "experts".

Georganne Burke

On D-Day anniversary, George Floyd protestors deface statues of Churchill and Lincoln

On this 76th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Normandy in World War II, protestors in London defaced a statue of William Churchill and another of Abraham Lincoln.

Libby Emmons and Barrett Wilson

The politicians were wrong—predictions on coronavirus deaths were wild exaggerations

The facts are in. The COVID-19 death predictions of governments are proving to be wild exaggerations that have inflicted unnecessary fear, anxiety and stress on millions of people.

John Carpay

Trudeau puts globalization ahead of Canadians, making our nation vulnerable

"Justin Trudeau appears to be doubling down on the same unsustainable agenda of endless globalization."

Spencer Fernando

Tragic Snowbirds crash shows Canadian Armed Forces deserve better funding, equipment

Amid our national grief, there is a growing recognition that our heroic armed forces members deserve much better equipment, both for their safety and for the effective defence of our nation.

Spencer Fernando

Our safety should not cost us our freedom

In this moment, our freedoms are being infringed upon in a myriad of ways.

Angelo Isidorou

BREAKING: Ford calls on Ontarians to volunteer, demands self-sufficiency

Doug Ford has announced today in a press conference that the government has set up an online portal to connect volunteers to healthcare professionals.

Nico Johnson

American pet store chain harms Canadian suppliers with new payment terms

Pet Valu, who has more than 700 stores across Canada and the U.S., has chosen to delay payment terms to their suppliers, switching to 120 day terms.

Nico Johnson