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John A. Macdonald's severed head featured on new stamps from Canada Post

James Bone, who works at Library and Archives Canada, had the sheet of stamps made up and delivered to him for $68.

James Anthony

Canada Post to begin delivering parcels on Sunday afternoons

The company is experiencing an increase in orders and delivering a similar amount of parcels as they do during the Christmas season.

Sam Edwards

Canada Post warns of delays due to 'Christmas-level' parcel volumes

Canada Post says high volumes of online shopping related to coronavirus isolation is causing delays.

Sam Edwards

‘Porch pirates’ stealing Christmas packages across Canada

Porch thieves are stealing unattended Christmas packages from outside the homes of Canadians across the country, according to police and Canada Post.

Sam Edwards

Official Languages Commissioner rules against Canada Post’s English-only web address

Language Commissioner rules Canada Post must change URLs to French for all web pages in French.

Graeme Gordon

Canada Post paid $21 million in legal fees to fight union

Six years after an initial access to information request, the Star has revealed Canada Post spent an exorbitant sum of $21 million in legal fees to fight a pay equity case that stretched over decades.

Samuel Helguero

How are the Canada Post strikes going to affect your holiday?

As Canada Post workers begin to get back to the job after legislation requiring them to end their rotating regional strikes across the country gained royal assent, many are still wondering whether their letters to Santa will make it to the north pole this year

James Woods