Canada revenue agency

Over 11,000 EI and tax filer records successfully targeted by hackers, new security measures to be implemented

After 11,200 accounts were successfully targeted by hackers, Federal IT specialists are promising to implement new security measures.

Sam Edwards

Trudeau government lawyers cost taxpayers $222 MILLION

Despite losing nearly a third of all lawsuits, a newly released audit into the Department of Justice found that government lawyers cost tax payers a whopping $222 million.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Canadians can apply for emergency benefits TODAY

Canada Revenue Agency opens today for applications from Canadians for the new federal emergency aid benefit for those who lost their job.

Quinn Patrick

The CRA is failing to notify Canadians that their banking records are being shared with the IRS

Under an information sharing agreement signed by the US and Canada in 2014, the Canadian government is obligated to share the bank records of persons living in Canada who could be subject to US taxes.

Martin Dimitrov