Ontario man found in Detroit River carrying 265-pound bag of cannabis

A submersible bag carrying 265 pounds of cannabis was discovered by U.S. federal agents in the Detroit River in Michigan on June 5.

Quinn Patrick

West Nipissing strikes down bylaw to outlaw smell of cannabis

Pot smokers everywhere can exhales a smoky breath of relief as the smell of cannabis will not be outlawed in West Nipissing.

Quinn Patrick

University of Lethbridge researcher links cannabis to treating coronavirus

An Albertan researcher is linking to potential for cannabis extracts to make people more resistant to COVID-19, according to the Calgary Herald.

Quinn Patrick

Ontario son calls cops on mom for stealing his weed during coronavirus lockdown

Police responded to a domestic call in Simcoe, Ontario this weekend when an argument broke out after a woman was accused of stealing cannabis from her 14 year old son.

Libby Emmons

Cannabis stores closing Sunday, deemed 'non-essential'

Cannabis stores are no longer considered an essential service in Ontario, and all shops they will be forced to close as of Saturday night.

Quinn Patrick

Eight-year-old BC boy wins $200 in weed at hockey tournament

A young boy playing in a hockey tournament over the weekend won a gift basket full of $200 worth of cannabis products in Dawsone Creek, BC.

Quinn Patrick

Psychedelic drug companies prepare to enter Toronto stock market

Companies are starting to develop medical treatments from psychedelic drugs such as LSD, ketamine and magic mushrooms.

Quinn Patrick

Ford government considering allowing weed cafes in Ontario

Cannabis loungers or weed cafes are potentially going to be opening up in Ontario as the province continues to push for a more open cannabis market.

Quinn Patrick

Ford government opens up cannabis market to retailers

Ontario is getting rid of the cap on the number of cannabis shops that can be owned by private retailers.

Barrett Wilson

Ontario weed company destroys $77 million worth of cannabis

An Ontario based cannabis producer, CannTrust Holdings Inc, has announced their intention to destroy $77 million worth of cannabis.

Nico Johnson

Over ten million dollars wasted on Ontario cannabis stores that were never opened

According to financial statements released by the Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation (OCRC), at least $10.2 million was spent on cannabis stores that were never opened.

Dylan Gibbons

Traffic stop leads to police seizure of nearly two million dollars in illegal cannabis

26-year-old Kiryl Andrushkevich of Oakville and 32-year-old Damaris Nataren Ortega of Toronto appeared in court on Sunday.

Dylan Gibbons

Ontario government loses $42 million selling weed in the last year

The Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation reportedly lost a whopping $42 million in the latest fiscal year, according to publicly released documents from the corporation.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Police crack down on non-licensed cannabis shops in Edmonton

“A legal market is a safer market, and the EPS will continue to crack down on the illegal market,” says Cst. Dexx Williams, EPS Cannabis Liaison.

Dylan Gibbons

B.C. RCMP raid illegal grow-op in Mission and seize over 2,700 cannabis plants

According to RCMP, they executed the search as part of an investigation into illegal inter-provincial shipping of cannabis. They found that packages of roughly 50 lbs were being sent through a courier business.

Dylan Gibbons