Quebec premier confirms tooth fairy is an essential worker, is 'immune to coronavirus'

"For the children asking, I can confirm that the tooth fairy now is on the list of essential service and is immune to the coronavirus."

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

'A GLASS OF WINE': Quebec premier offers stress relief advice for those in quarantine

Quebec is the largest consumer of red wine in Canada, falling behind only British Columbia for whites.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Quebec premier criticized for ballooning $30M taxpayer funded blimp

Quebec Premier Francois Legault has defended a $30 million, taxpayer-funded blimp by saying that the Quebecois should learn to take risks.

Nico Johnson

Quebec author charged with child pornography, sparking public outcry

A Quebec author has been charged with child pornography for his retelling of a Hansel and Gretel story, causing public outcry of free speech concerns.

Nico Johnson

QC Liberal Party booted out of Quebec, remains only in Montreal

Quebec’s Liberal Party has suffered another loss in a byelection in the riding of Jean-Talon, just outside of Quebec City.

Nico Johnson

Quebec will force DUI drivers to have breathalyzer in their car for life

The Quebec government has passed a new law that will force drivers who have two DUIs to have breathalyzers in their cars for life.

Nico Johnson

MORE PIPELINES: Kenney mocks Quebec for propane crisis

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney mocks Quebec’s propane shortage.

Nico Johnson

Quebec mayor blames councillors flip-flop on menstrual cycle

A mayor of a small town in the province of Quebec has apologized after he said that the female councillors made legislative decisions due to them menstruating.

Nico Johnson

Quebec provincial credit score reaches ‘remarkable’ historic high

DBRS Morningstar global credit rating agency officially upgraded Quebec’s rating from level A (high), where it has remained since 2006.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Quebec achieves surplus of $1.4 billion, gives it back to the people

Quebec’s governing party the Coalition Avenir Québec has achieved an impressive surplus of $1.4 billion and will now look to distribute amongst the Québecois people.

Nico Johnson

English-language group accuses Quebec of dodgy politics

An organization that represents English-speaking Quebeckers is accusing the Quebec government of undermining their activities in the province,

Nico Johnson

Quebec separatism is asleep, not dead

When the CAQ came to power in 2018, political commentators and politicians again failed to take note of history. Throwing caution to the wind, they described the CAQ’s electoral victory, which arguably derived from their apathy towards separation, as being “the end of the [sepratist] dream.”

Nico Johnson

Quebec should build Energy East or we may face an Albertan revolt

Albertans will find it harder to provide Quebec its much needed equalization payments if they cannot adequately sell their oil.

Ali Taghva