Carbon Tax

Trudeau government's carbon tax meant to punish Canadians into using less heat and fuel

The Canadian government put the federal carbon tax in place as a "powerful incentive" for homeowners to use less heat during winter months.

Sam Edwards

Trudeau government mocked after saying carbon tax isn't hurting farmers

The government was mocked by the agriculture committee after they suggested that the recent carbon tax hike wasn't hurting farmers

Nico Johnson

Trudeau government REFUSES to release carbon tax data, says it's 'secret'

The Trudeau government is refusing to release carbon tax data, saying it is top secret so that Canadians are unable to see the findings of the report.

Nico Johnson

Trudeau's carbon tax did not reduce greenhouse gas emissions, according to new data

The Department laid the blame on home heating for the spike in fuel use, despite the national tax.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Conservative Party demands Trudeau govt cancel carbon tax hike

In a statement released Tuesday, the Conservative Shadow Minister Pierre Poilievre called for the government to cancel the set 50 percent hike in the carbon tax.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Trudeau government will HIKE carbon tax by 50 percent despite coronavirus nightmare

Justin Trudeau's government is choosing to not postpone a 50 percent carbon tax increase, despite the ongoing economic strife of the coronavirus pandemic

Nico Johnson

Manitoba to drop sales tax by one percent to counter carbon tax

The government says they will be moving forward with cutting the provincial sales tax, along with a $25-per-tonne tax on July 1. The provincial sales tax will be dropped by one point, to six percent.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Alberta court rules Trudeau’s carbon tax unconstitutional

A 4-1 decision in the Court of Appeal of Alberta has found the Trudeau’government Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act unconstitutional.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

Price of gasoline to rise after new Trudeau regulations

The Liberal Department of the Environment is saying that they are expecting the price of gasoline to rise as a result of new red-tape.

Nico Johnson

Watchdog did a ‘sloppy job’ with Trudeau carbon tax rebate assessment

Critics believe the Parliamentary Budget Officer’s assessment that the carbon tax rebate will leave the average Canadian richer is wrong.

Quinn Patrick

Carbon tax rebate does not add up

The Trudeau government’s carbon tax rebate isn’t adding up to real savings for average Canadians, despite what Liberals would have you believe.

Jeremy Patzer

Albertans brace for higher gas prices as carbon tax takes effect Jan. 1

Prominent gas expert and former Liberal MP Dan McTeague predicts Albertan’s will pay seven cents more a litre for gas, and everything will cost more.

Jason Unrau

Trudeau government doesn’t rule out carbon tax increase

Canada could soon see its carbon tax increased to meet its Paris agreement targets.

Ali Taghva

Liberals announce carbon-tax rebate decrease for four provinces

The Trudeau government has announced their decision to decrease carbon tax rebates in three provinces.

Roberto Wakerell-Cruz

B.C. companies unable to explain soaring gas prices

Major companies who operate throughout British Columbia have been unable to explain a 13 cent per litre difference between southern B.C. and the rest of the province.

Nico Johnson