Carmen Best

Seattle faith leaders want the police chief back

Faith leaders, leaders from communities of color and police reform advocates called on Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best to reconsider her decision to retire.

Ari Hoffman

Far-left politician celebrates the resignation of Seattle's first black police chief as victory in 'fight against racism'

Seattle City Council Member Kshama Sawant celebrated the resignation of black Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best and the firing of minority officers in the "fight to stop racism."

Ari Hoffman

BREAKING: Woke city council forces Seattle's first black female police chief to resign

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best, the city's first black female police chief, will resign Wednesday morning after city council enacted massive cuts to the department, and substantially reduced her pay.

Ari Hoffman

Seattle's first ever black woman police chief faces $100,000 pay cut thanks to Black Lives Matter

In cutting the pay of Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best and other Seattle Police Department command staff, Best, an African American woman, will now make $100,000 less than her white predecessor.

Ari Hoffman

Seattle slashes police budget, eliminates homeless program

Seattle backtracked on their promise of a 50 percent defunding of the Seattle Police Department, but slashed police department programs, and reduced the number of officers on the force.

Ari Hoffman

BLM protestors sue city for cost of their own 'riot gear'

Activists claim that Seattle's aggressive crowd control measures forced them to purchase expensive protective gear, "pricing" them out of exercising their rights.

Ari Hoffman

Hundreds of BLM activists target Seattle police chief's home—stopped by neighbours

Over 200 "aggressive protestors" showed up at Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best's home. Witness reports say the crowd was white, dressed in black, and carrying BLM signs.

Ari Hoffman

BREAKING: Federal agents have left Seattle

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan confirmed the the Border Patrol Tactical Unit has demobilized and departed, according to a press release from the governor's office.

Libby Emmons

Seattle bans police from using less lethal crowd control tactics, feds ask for temporary restraining order

The Seattle Police issued a letter to residents and business owners of Seattle stating that they are basically on their own in the face of escalating riots and violence.

Libby Emmons

Young Democrats group joins Antifa and BLM to protest against Seattle police

Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists were joined by members of the King County Young Democrats to protest against and advocate for defunding the police.

Ari Hoffman and David Solovy

Antifa praises shooting of two black teens as victory against fascism

Witness statements about the shooting of two black teens on Monday at the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP, formerly CHAZ) create a confusing picture that leaves more questions than answers.

Ari Hoffman and Ian Miles Cheong

Seattle businesses and residents fight back with major class action lawsuit over autonomous zone

The suit claims that claims the group have had their rights “overrun by the city of Seattle’s unprecedented decision to abandon and close off an entire city neighborhood.”

Ari Hoffman

BREAKING: Seattle mayor announces that police are returning to occupied zone

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan has determined that the Seattle Police Department will be retaking the Capitol Hill District.

Libby Emmons

Business owners in Seattle's occupied zone report threats against their safety

Interviews with local business owners and hired security companies have revealed that there are threats against businesses and residents in the CHOP.

Ari Hoffman

BREAKING: Seattle mayor compares armed occupation of her own city to a 'block party'

Police in Seattle returned to the the East Precinct which was abandoned when Antifa-led protestors took over a six-block area of the city earlier this week.

Ari Hoffman and Libby Emmons